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  • AnonD-113405

GuYs what battery saver do you use???

  • AnonD-121745

hey, i heard that xperia S do not have auto brightness... does sony xperia SL has auto brightness??? plz help me guys...

  • AnonD-121649

hi20, 08 Mar 2013will it get jb update cuz xperis s is planned to get and if... moreW8 for april end at least for JB

  • AnonD-121649

Go for a phone with snapdragon s4 processor. SL is good, but there are other options at this price, go for Xperia T if possible

  • ravi@eee

sl awesome, battery drains quickly but otherwise it is best, in normal use it gives you one day battery backup but when playing games or surfing net it only give 3 to 4 hour. for saving quick drain turn off the bravia engine and you ll see a significant change as it takes lot of power dont know why. buy xperia sl best in price, dont go for htc and samsung they look cheap in front of xperia it


Anonymous, 07 Mar 2013Hi friends this is Deepak i am planning to buy SL this sund... moreSony Xperia SL.No Grand.No One X

  • jack

is sony xperia SL has mobile tracker ????????? plz reply me ass soon ass possible.

  • hi20

will it get jb update cuz xperis s is planned to get and if yes when????????????????

  • hi20

hows its bettery tym is it gud or bad how much tym it spend when fully charged?? is xperia sl is a better choice than s2..............plz! replay as soon as possible....thnx :v

  • O Príncipe

Im using a Xperia Sl that the battery were formated Bady. Actually it only stands Conected by 3 hours no matter what!
What can i do, since i can't Change the cellphone?

  • vasanth

can we do Video calls with the front camera

  • AnonD-121261

juz wanna ask tat is this phone nice to use or hav other phone suggestion?
i wanna to buy a new phone now and i like this phone in pink colour.


Anonymous, 07 Mar 2013Hi friends this is Deepak i am planning to buy SL this sund... morexperia s performance is better than sl i have both these fones

  • Aviva

Nana, 07 Mar 2013All plz help answer my question plz !!!!! I wonder that How... moreCharge it for at least 30 mins before turning it on, says the manual.


is it ugradable to jellybeans????

  • Akky

Sony Xperia SL is the best phone available in it's price range the diff btwn s and sl is a better processor (1.5 to 1.7) and better bluetooth (frm 2.0 to. 3.0) there is no storage card slot for both phones but internal memory of 32 gb is enough if u ask me , the timescape UI is better looking and better working than samsung's UI and the mobile BRAVIA engine provided with the phne has more ppi than iphone 5!! and obviously the 12 MP camera with Exmor R sensor takes pictures from sleep to snap in about 1 sec I guess getting a phone like this for 23000 is a dream come true

  • xxxx

rocky, 06 Mar 2013Hey dude‘s i am confused which 1 to buy samsung galaxy gran... moreEven im in d same

  • smt

S_K, 07 Mar 2013hey..m goin to buy a new phn in btw 1o-15 days..shud i go fr sl.?I want to buy this phn

AnonD-116041, 06 Mar 2013what do you prefer?.Sony Xperia ACRO S, SL or S? please sug... moreThe Xperia S should be out of the question, because the SL is the same, only difference is with an overclocked chip to make it a bit faster...

The question should be between SL and Acro S...

It really depends if you want to have the waterproof feature and a smaller internal memory (16Gb) BUT with microSD slot (up to 32 maybe 64Gb)

If you dont care for waterproofing and having a microSD for music/video and large files externally... then the Xperia SL might be the one...

Otherwise the Acro S is a great option

Dax, 07 Mar 2013SL Has all the features of S and acro s... but only Sl has ... moreThis is NOT true... The Xperia SL has all the features of the Xperia S but with an overclocked CPU to 1.7GHz... BUT it lacks a microSD slot which can be found on the Xperia Acro S and Galaxy S2.... and does not have a waterproof certification like the Xperia Acro S...

Everything else is comparable.