Sony Xperia tipo

Sony Xperia tipo

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  • aditya

does it support games like gangstar west coast hustle

  • manju

can somebody help me to select a cell ,,?? can i go for samsung ace or samsung y or sony xperia tipo

  • Anonymous

nokia 1100 with best cam resolution and g speed

  • aadi

it is nice but touch was not responding properly some times


Hey comparng this with defy minixt321 the defy mini got a front facing vga cam fo vid calls and is same price as tipo­18&idPhone2=4847

  • Ather INDIA

Hi... I bought Xperia tipo one week before.. When we compare to samsung this is better mobile. Voice Clarity and music effect is awesome compare to other mobile. Only one disadvantage that is touch screen problem. Its work slow.
Nice to use...

  • vamsy

till is superb fne from my side small lagings r nwadays common in evry fne even s3 gets hanged bt compard to s3 its cheaper nd lag freee fone guyzz if you are having budget around 10k tipo is best go for it thnk u Sony u rock!!!?

  • Tapan

Paul, 29 Oct 2012I feeled the same.. but it is happening sometimes only. I thin... moreyeah......exactly.I felt it several time...otherwise it is good

  • ibrahim

i bought this phone 1 week ago....i works call is possible in this via skype but we have to keep the rear camera opposite to us and chat

  • chris

Which is best Sony xperia tipo or Sony xperia mini??? I am confused plz help

  • chris

Which is best Sony xperia tipo or Sony xperia mini??? I am confused plz help


SAM, 27 Oct 2012ACE far better,,tipo hv still touch problem.U a wrong the ace has slow jerky internet scrolling compared to tipo i had a ace and got rid of it because internet was too jerky when scrolling and zooming it made me angry. The ace only has 278 ram the tipo has 512MB ram tipo has a better 800mhz cpu a cortex while the ace has a poor 800mhz arm 11 old found in palm pilots haha. tipo has new ics 4.0 ace has old old gingerbread 2.3 haha. tipo is new only a few months released ace been out for a year and a half old tech old hat its days are done. Tipo has a higher resolution dots per inch ace has a lower dpi count grainy gamboy blocky screen haha!!

  • Ivan

Can somebody help me ... what kind of headphones to buy for this phone ?? I have headphones from my old phone Nokia X2-00 but they can't fit :\

  • Johno

sam, 29 Oct 2012Gt dis phn a month ago.... It has never lemme down ... Instead o... moreIn reply to Sam.... Why don't you try using the English language then people might understand what the hell you are on about!!!

  • shash

nice phone

  • Anand

I use tipo for a week. The clarity of voice, music, is fine. Camera clarity cant be expected high for 3.2 mp device.
The main disadvantage from my experience are, the device hangs for apps more than 6-7 MB. Multi- tasking is very difficult. The device gets heat when you continuously surf and download it. But it is a best alternate option for samsung ace duos. Tipo, yet another average android phone.

  • sam

Gt dis phn a month ago.... It has never lemme down ... Instead of a lit touch issue bt gt resolve as uve gt use to it.... N I h loaded dis with lots of game like gta3 shadow gun n many more... Nevers hangs... Hatsb off to Sony. . N those who r facun touch issue jst giv dis masterpiece a lit amount of tim... It ill resolve.

  • BinGo

prat, 29 Oct 2012i bought the phone 2 days ago, i am having a problem with its to... moreYou did not read this forum before purchasing the phone did you ? You would have learned about the touch pb. Bring it back to the shop and get a Miro or Samsung mini 2

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

  • prat

i bought the phone 2 days ago, i am having a problem with its touchscreen it does not respond fast at all..sometime it lags for like 2-3 seconds.. anything else does not seem to be a problem to me.. just the touch problem.. can someone tell me something to do in order to make right the touch problem and whether some pieces have problems while others dont..? or should i return the set and buy a new one..?