Sony Xperia tipo

Sony Xperia tipo

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  • Tamil

kunal, 28 Oct 2012Please suggest me in between Samsung galaxy y and Sony xperia tipo Samsung do go for sony Full touch problem,/read the review in sony offical website

  • Paul

Raghesh k, 28 Oct 2012I am using this phone since last week. This is my first Android... moreCamera - Avg Performance compare to other sony Phones...

  • Paul

akhil, 28 Oct 2012I have bought one 3days back.......when I call someone they say ... moreI feeled the same..
but it is happening sometimes only.
I think it's network problem

  • Sameer

is the OS is upgradable.

  • naag

why there is not available to common people

  • doormat

What is the app to download on this phone please

  • appu

its very good and faltoo also and there is no helpful person in sony.

  • vikram chauhan

i like sony xperia.

  • jim

I cant get contacts to display name AND number.
I had phone keyboard for txting but it just went and I cant find it again. anybody have solutions?

  • Anonymous

TiTo, 28 Oct 2012Just keep your mouth close! Sony is one of the worst phones man... more800 ghz..???????? hhahhaha youre not aware of the price... ace 2 have higher price compare to tipo........


awesome phone by SONY.
all guys look this new XPERIA phone specs:
"yuga">>>(android 4.1.1) quad-core1.5 ghz s4 pro. 6 inth( 1080-1920) tft lcd ips display. ppi 367. 2gb ram.
"odin">>> 5 inthes (1080-1920) tft lcd ips display. ppi 441. quad-core 1.5 s4 pro. 2gb ram.
"dogo">>> 4.65 inth( 720-1080) hd lcd display. quad-core 1.5 s4 pro. 1gb ram.
this is world number 111 high high high smartphone.
hope you also like...

  • Anonymous

magz, 28 Oct 2012how do you delete texts?Longpress. Your first full touch phone? Longpress can be used on many things to bring up context menus.

  • iKanwal

Broke my iPhone 4.. had to get something to fill the days till i get the iPhone 5. So got the Xperia Typo.

GOOD: Does almost everything my iPhone 4 did right from running my fav games (Tower Defence, Fruit Ninja, Ninja Jump etc.) to playing songs and h264 videos. Found this very impressive. Of course the screen res is low and you need the right set of apps.

BAD: The touch is irritably unresponsive at the edges. Even after installing a Touch-Booster, the touch is not registered many at times (i am used to operating my cell mostly using my thumb). This becomes very irritating esp. coz i have always used an iPhone that delivers a near 99% hit accuracy. That way, its kind of testing using the UI.

  • akhil

I have bought one 3days back.......when I call someone they say that they hear loud resound of their voice.....I have checked it..wat should I do?

  • magz

how do you delete texts?

  • prateek

very nice phone must buy.
but problem will occur in internet after 1 year and service centre of mobiles of sony are not good.
android not updated after this

  • Dipesh

I have rooted my sony xperia tipo using this tutorial­peria-tipo-android-smartphone/
But now now my phones batter battery backup comes down , dont know why
Can you help me , why its happening

  • aditya

when i play games like gangstar west coast hustle on this device, the game starts normally and after sometimes the game gets close and a message comes that gangstar has unfortunaetly stopped. plz someone suggest me how can i fix this error

  • ricky

xperia tipo is awesome mobile......having 512 mb ram and internal memory of 2.5 support all popular games like angry bird and temple run ....processing is fast but m facing problem with its touch sensitivity. if any one knows the solution regarding xperia tipo then plzzzz tell me.....

  • Anonymous

how is its touch sensitivity and its cuteness. some one the to help