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  • Agnes James

Tipo, Sony’s first entry-level price category Smartphone under the Xperia brand. Committed to the Cell phone market, Tipo has been designed for selective markets. The Xperia Tipo has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800MHz processor, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and a 3.2-inch display, 1500mAh battery & many more featured & compared with One of Sony & HTC model at Tipo looks amazing in Blue & Silver, why I am saying this coz I do have the Blue One. I love Sony for its Camera & Sound quality and I believe you guys would also like it for the same.

  • AnonD-67941

Hey guys, I bought Sony Xperia Tipo from an authorized dealer in my area like 2 weeks ago. And I have to say this phone is really good. I read some bad reviews about this phone like about the touch and camera.
My experience with this phone has been good so far, the touch is responsive. Its not like the iphone touch but its pretty good. The camera is decent and the battery life is good as well, lasts like 1 or 1-1/2 days.
I've been testing a few games and they work fine. There are some lags which I was expecting but the overall experience is good.
Overall, its one of the best phones under 10k. Go for it guys. I'm really loving it :)
P.S: I am not experiencing any lags while moving from one screen to another. Sometimes maybe....

  • AnonD-67635

i have done factory reset settings after that all internal memory applications got hidden so how to recover internal memory applications,and it is showing same memory space before i had done factory rest settings

  • dp

I am using this Phone(Xperia Tipo) for One week..
* Touch Is Very GOOD,(Better than Samsung Galaxy Ace).
* Interface is Smooth Enough, Nice Experience.
* looks are new n Good.
* Great Battery LIFE..
* Loud Sound (xLOUD feature).
* Good Display.
* Runs 3D games(Temple Run, Racing Moto etc. smoothly), only if your ram is free enough.
* Timescape- Friends & Share.
* You Tube is very fast (on wifi).
* Best In its Price.
* Android 4.0 (ICS) Is Nice.

* Camera is disappointing, not Good Enough.
* Provided Headset are Good but not Best.

** if u want to run heavy applications and huge multitasking better u go for better processor n RAM

** This phone is Best In this Price. IF u want A Best ANDROID n low budget GO For This Phone.

Thumps UP for Sony Xperia TIPO.

(Note- Please check Headsets while Buying the phone. by calling someone n talking by headset.)

  • Anonymous

I bought tipo a week ago and same problem with the touch screen, not functioning well and slow response especially when typing...

  • chiragg

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2012from the past few days I hve beem visiting dis site & ... moreTipo is best from glaxy y lg optimus l3

  • AnonD-4583

I dnt knw y people r commentng so badly
I m a true owner of dis phone
and seriously dis a gud phone

  • AnonD-4583

I dnt knw y people r commentng so badly
I m a true owner of dis phone
and seriously dis a gud phone

  • vicente

This phone has the same hardware as LG optimus one; but the optimus one retailed at the same price a year back. Angry birds = stutter, browsing experience = good, overall perf = ? (ICS + optimus one hardware)
verdict = overpriced ...spend a lil more and get the moto defy/defy +

  • jagan

MacK, 28 Sep 2012Can some1 please tell me whether the touch is good or no???... moreyou better to wait for new up comings... because i just bought it 10 day's before.... i am totally upset with its touch capability... it is NOT working like what we expect... when you sweep the screen the applications in the main menu or home screen open automatically... you have to be so careful while scrolling and sweeping the screen...


  • Send

It seems that half of the reviews are from paid reviewers. Please post only genuine reviews. Otherwise it confuses the real buyers.

  • Anonymous

Hi guys this is manav I am using this phone past18 days In this phone the touch is good there is no complaint in this . I really like this phone . I will prefer you to buy this phone . It has many applications in it . I is my pleasure to use this phone.

  • viraj

I used it for 3 days now...
screen quality is 3.5/5
audio 5/5
performance 5/5
camera 3/5
overall I didn't find any major issue with this Mobile...
if u r want a budget android Mobile, Means under 10k this is right choice...
if anyone wants help about this mobile reply me

  • AnonD-59752

AnonD-19086, 29 Sep 2012guys,we are on indonesia never face touch screen problem,th... moreI think u r right.

  • dabster

AnonD-69979, 28 Sep 2012Your right touch is good, I'm using xperia tipo for the pas... moreis xperia tipo good phone

  • AnonD-19086

guys,we are on indonesia never face touch screen problem,the touch's is as smooth as galy if u compare it with other brand vendor,and for other member,dont trust any comment that blame touchscreen capability of tipo,i think the comments that blame tipo badly are from other brand fanboys :peace:

  • nikola

well i have this phone and its wery nice i like it and i buyed one for my son too...

  • Anonymous

tofis, 28 Sep 2012guys alll my contacts are on sim card but in my phone it di... morethis is normal for android phones, SIM contacts must be imported. I recommend you import your SIM contacts to your Google account, as it is not so easy to move them from phone to google later on.

  • sree

One word 'best'phone at this price.

  • munna

AnonD-69979, 28 Sep 2012Your right touch is good, I'm using xperia tipo for the pas... moreis it performances is goood ah