Sony Xperia tipo

Sony Xperia tipo

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  • traveller

m plase to hear frm some user dat there is no problem with the touch...thnks!!

  • Frustrated with Tipo

Mohit Agarwal, 27 Sep 2012Yes, sony tipo and miro are having issues with the touch screens... moreThanks for your comment Mohit,

"Yes, sony tipo and miro are having issues with the touch screens. I recommend not to go for these two models. Have already checked it in two three stores here in Gurgaon"

I have faced problems with Tipo touchscreen and was about to go for Miro. Thanks for saving the further Rs 5000 loss from my side !

  • Tipo User

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2012from the past few days I hve beem visiting dis site & I m r... moreI have used the Tipo and the touch is pathetic.
My set had a failure rate of about 20 - 25% and that was frustrating. Got a replacement with dead batteries!
May migrate to Miro...

  • akash

yr even i am looking forward to buy the xperia tipo. is it a good phone?

  • Anonymous

Looks and plastic quality feels like a Samsung phone...

  • tofis

guys alll my contacts are on sim card but in my phone it didn't show them...whats wrong;

  • elf

AnonD-73506, 27 Sep 2012Is the touch screen responding wel. . . Is everything ok wit tip... morethe touchscreen is responsive
the only problem experienced by me is the handset included with dis phn the sound is not gud
bt u can try other earphones(they work well)

  • elf

AnonD-72808, 27 Sep 2012how long u r using this mobile?i've been using this phn since 15 days

  • AnonD-4583

from 10% I mean
it happens only few times when u hve to press twice to register a touch

and dats nt an issue

all other things r gud on dis phone except camera
for the price it comez wid

  • pramod

hi guys sony mobile is super i got lostweek tipo is super model by sony

  • riky

ball, 27 Sep 2012gyes pls tel the touch is good or not? touch good bt sometime touch not working.....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4583, 28 Sep 2012everyone complaining about touch . bt the thing is dat touch ... more10% bad touch is very much, it means a failed touch occurs many times every minute. Its very annoying, even if my Tipo has less than 10% fail. The good thing is that it doesnt happen often, or at all, in gmaes or when typing.

HOwever it fails very often when using autocorrect, its very common that it does not register touch when you select an alternate word from the dictionary when the keyboard is up. But i repeat, it does not fail on keypress when typing or when using gesture input (swype). Swype is very good on this phone.

  • AnonD-73648

hey guys In india i faced a major problem withthe touch of the phone .. the responsiveness is absolutely bad .. consider going for another phone ..

  • Anonymous

from the past few days I hve beem visiting dis site
& I m really shocked to see hw people r complaining abt the touch

but the truth is dat touch is gud
many users r bashing widout using the phone

dis is probably becoz of reading the reviews of some people who unneccesrly bash any product only becoz others are also bashing

the best way to knw whether the phone is gud or nt is to test the phne wid ur hands widout depending on other people reviews

I m nt a fanboy of any brand
bt dis is seriously a gud phone

previously I hve used htc explorer
htc desire c
galaxy y
bt dis phone is probably the best among the above

go ahead widout any hesitation
u will surely luv dis phone

thanks sony
typed dis msg frm my sony xperia tipo

  • AnonD-69979

AnonD-4583, 28 Sep 2012everyone complaining about touch . bt the thing is dat touch ... moreYour right touch is good, I'm using xperia tipo for the past 23 days no problem at all.

  • AnonD-4583

everyone complaining about touch .

bt the thing is dat touch is nt at all bad
90% of the time it will register ur touch smoothly just like any other capacitive touchscreen phone and for the rest 10% u just have to apply firm touch dats it

I m nt joking I m using dis phone frm the past 20 days
and honestly I m enjoying dis phone

it plays everything dat I throws on it
all high end games like total recall , x runner , blood and glory , air attack hd etc. played very smoothly no issues at all

music quality is really awesome and loudness is also gud through loudspeakr

software is also gud
the only bad thing about dis phone is its camera

screen resolution is gud
u wont be able to make a difference between 16 millions and 262k wid ur naked eyes for sure
u can read the reviews on many sites
I can also provide the proof of its touch if anyone wants

anybodys who is interesd in buying dis phone can go buy dis phone.
its really worth the price

  • MacK

honey, 26 Sep 2012tell me that it is good mobile or not in comprission with sumsun... moreSansung Galaxy Ace compared to Sony Tipo
advantages: 1. bigger screen than tipo
2. touch ability is good than tipo
Disadvantages: 1. No Flash support
2. lower android version than tipo
3. high in price than tipo

  • MacK

Can some1 please tell me whether the touch is good or no?????
i'm totally confused after reading all the views, whether to buy or wait for something better...

  • peter

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2012Been facing touch response problems after 1 week of use.not resp... morePlease wash it in the saltwater and use it bro..

  • SK

useless phone....

1) touch very bad
2) battery not so gud
3) operating slow
4) hangs beyond 4gb memory card

overall .... don't buy at all!!!!!!!!!!!