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Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

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  • Mohit

Hi SONY Team , ,

Can any developer make a custom rom for SONY Xperia XA1 plus , like pixel experience .
with android 10 or 9 os .Smooth working.
This is a good phone , and i wish to continue but with latest build

  • Ultimate

Hi! Been using the XA1 PLUS for a year. It is good overall, but I just want to ask if how many hours does your phone take to fully charge? Is it normal to charge it for 7 hours?

  • Wakanda

Is there any security patch level update for XA1 Plus after the 1 August 2019 update?

  • Ace Santos

Been using this phone for 4 years now, never had problems.
I considered replacing this with Huawei P20. But was dissappointed.
I hope it will have an android pie update.

  • Anonymous

Rs, 05 Jan 2020This phone is not good, pls don't buy. It hangs a lot. Freq... moreOrder new mobile sony xperia XA1 plus

  • Rs

This phone is not good, pls don't buy. It hangs a lot. Frequent error coming. Fedup with the phone and I am not the only one. Sony is unable to fix issues. Now Sony moved out of India in mobile business.

  • Johny lim

This phone clearly is the best balance phone with affordable price.

For people not looking for a high powered phone, i think is the best out there.
+ great & solid design
+ side bezelless
+ 5.5" 16:9 still comfortable to grip
+ SONY -still good Z5 23mp camera
+ very good battery life

- downgraded selfie cam
- thicker frame, they should using XA1 like frame design, not the XZ1

Jalpa , 09 Oct 2019Not satisfied with it after 1 year phone doesn't work properly Install Avg and clean it! Bad apps installing and bad software maintenance are the problems. Clearly bad users! Some patches were added and the phone is best in class and now k.o. any Xiaomi at its class in regards of performance! Camera is amazing with some manual settings.

  • Seban

We want Android pie update or android November security updates

  • Kandarp

Phone is gd overall..Front camera needed to be better

  • Charith

Best phone i ever used. I think this phone need android pie update

  • Vijaysekar

Release pie update for Sony Xperia xa1 plus

  • Nika

Now I am using this phone and I think this is great phone for photos as it can make high resolution images which have so vivid colors, but video resolution is to low for 23mp camera

  • Abrar Ahmed

Krish, 01 Jun 2019I purchased this phone because of 23MP phone. But This is... moreYou are absolutely right. I am too facing the same issue with camera result. So bad results of 23mp camera and front 8mp is sooo much worse and blurry.

  • Medel

samirr, 16 Oct 2019Been using this for years and never had any problems on it.... moreIt's true. Jusy update to the latest software and presto it works perfectly for me.

  • Medel

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2019Using it from 1.5 years and has been a great experience sin... moreActivate or download the AVG cleaner not the AVG protection.

  • Medel

Mukesh kumar. , 23 Apr 2019Heating problem while charging. And also heat while using ... moreUpdate your Xa1 Plus to the latest software and you will see the difference. Great phone. Fan of Samsung but I came back to Sony.

Been using this for years and never had any problems on it. I dont know why people here are always complaining but in my case the phone is buttery smooth and runs perfectly well. Maybe it is the XA1 that has issues and its proven but this one? I don think so, this is the upgraded version so issues were already resolved by Sony. I recommend this XA1 Plus. Go for it.

  • Jalpa

Not satisfied with it after 1 year phone doesn't work properly

  • Libin

dc, 24 Sep 2019yes trueSame issues here