Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

Sony Xperia XA1 Plus

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  • Jalpa

Not satisfied with it after 1 year phone doesn't work properly

  • Libin

dc, 24 Sep 2019yes trueSame issues here

  • dc

alireza, 05 Sep 2019in android 8 hangs all the time and error the process syste... moreyes true

  • alireza

in android 8 hangs all the time and error the process system is not responding occurs frequently
has call answer issue
music app issue
buggy phone

  • Damith

Dont never buy

  • gguh

Alyana, 16 May 2019What is the new software update for? Recently got an update. probably a security update or the update for android 8 oreo

  • tolis

Krish, 01 Jun 2019I purchased this phone because of 23MP phone. But This is... moreiphone and lg use Sony sensors so that you are saying is not acurate.

  • Krish

I purchased this phone because of 23MP phone.
But This is worst camera. Even 8MP of iPhone or 13MP of LG G2 is better. Others don't observe this issue? .
Now I am not able to scan the documents with Google Drive which i used to do earlier with LG G2 13MP camera.
If I directly take photo from whats app, then it becomes worse, I cannot read letters most of the times. This problem is there from my purchased date, unfortunately I did not mind much, since I have Sony alpha Camera and went to show room to check this issue after an year, its my fault not going within warranty period, they just increase the screen brightness and ask whether it is good?(they don't know how 23MP camera picture quality?)...

Sometimes it hangs, i don't have gaming apps.
I want to replace the tempered glass for this model, but not able to find anywhere in Singapore so far, looks outdated or people using this very rarely.

Totally waste of my money, very unsatisfied. (I have 46" Sony Android TV, Sony alpha Camera, So I went to Sony), but this phone damages Sony brand's value from my mind.

  • Alyana

What is the new software update for? Recently got an update.

  • Anonymous

Using it from 1.5 years and has been a great experience since then. Nice camera with wide angle lens, strong built as it fell from me a couple of times, nice fingerprint sensor response, extraordinary loudspeaker and good design. Only problem I'm facing lately is it has start to lag a little while using Google.

  • Mukesh kumar.

Heating problem while charging.
And also heat while using mobile data.
It have not 83% charging bar, It goes 84% from 82%.
Very large bazzels, heavy phone.
Very bad looking.
Front facing camera is very bad.

  • Kholio

A great phone with a strong battery it lasts up to 2 days

  • alireza

Re: Process System isn't responding


I think updating xperia assist and support apps via google play will resolve the problem

if you check google play you will be notified for new update of xperia assist, just update it, excute it and activate smart cleaner restart phone

it is about 2 weeks I haven't seen this error hope not to see again

  • h_unknown16

Don't ever buy it, the worst phone I've ever had in my life, the power button slowly stucks as you're using it, the network have problems, sometimes it works sometimes don't, low signal connection, don't buy it.

  • Basem

concius boy, 20 Mar 2019hii guys/ which is better htc desire 12+ or sony xperia XA1 plusstay away from xperia XA plus. I have it and Its a disaster. it freezes all the time, bad camera and responding in so many cases even when I try just to answer a phone call. Also it is huge which is annoying to me, thick, very big with terrible screen to body ratio. I don't know about htc but what I am sure about it that SOny XA1 plus is not worth buying

  • concius boy

hii guys/ which is better htc desire 12+ or sony xperia XA1 plus

  • SJ

I had may issues. The Data card is an issue. If you move stuff from phone to datacard, the phone gives problems. Format data card periodically to avoid problems.

  • St

Installed the update. Phone is smooth again.
Homescreen not hanging on calls. Go for it.

  • yrawadieh

the worst mobile i ever buy ... hanging all the time .. i hitted it several times on ground ... a very bad mobile ... i advice all not to buy it

  • Dip

Alyana, 26 Feb 2019Got new update anyone done? Pls give a review thank youIts just a security patch update rest is same