Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony Xperia XZ2

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  • AnonD-446075

Being a SONY XPERIA fan I hate the new design of the phone. Tech specs are outstanding but what good are specs if the phone looks like similar to what other brands are providing. There is no difference in what brands like SAMSUNG and LG are producing and what SONY is producing. They should have stick with old design or have created something completely different. Thanks to American market and their foolish rules and regulations SONY had to push the Fingerprint sensor back instead of having it at side. I hate it.

  • Glassed Silver

No more 4K display? No more side-mounted fingerprint sensor?

Well at least they kept the headphone port. Well... would have been nice to see a Sony Daydream-ready phone, especially since it comes with a Snapdragon 845 unlike the Galaxy line which only ships with Snapdragons in North America and China.

4K HDR recording is VERY nice though, pretty stocked about that.

Record breaking thick 11.1mm and so heavy 198g .

  • Mark

Looks like my htc u11. Just when i contemplated of geting sony this year. Well, i wasnt going to end up getting one anyway as the battery held me back last year.

Very weird rear camera and fingerprint sensor position

  • Anonymous

Fingerprint on the tummy

  • AnonD-740456

Xtreme dissapointment after all the hype for bezeless XZ2 Premium.