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Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

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  • Chris T.

Bought this phone again in the ending of 2020. Photos not as good and bright as they used to be.. Anyone else has this issues on Android 10?

  • Chris T.

Had this phone and sold it. Thinking about buying it again. Any problems now on android 10?

Cookoo, 10 Jan 2019But can you charge it and have headphones on ?Yes. You use a wi fi charging bank, or a switch that has both slots C. 1 for charging, and 1 for headphones. Or use a ldac Bluetooth perfect quality headphones! From Sony also. Here you go. Don't search for defects because this phone is perfect! I also have xz2 6gb variant! It's a beast !

Xz2 and xz2 premium both has fast qi wireless charging!

  • alienufoweird

spindizzy, 02 Jul 2020Pretty disappointing. Don't like the position of the h... moreYou either got a faulty camera or something else becausw I've compared this phone with the mate 20 pro, iphones, S8 and others and it always came on top in both detail and lighting especially in dark situations.

Pretty disappointing. Don't like the position of the home button on screen . the most disappointing thing is the camera. I have an old samsung note 4 the screen is much better brighter and better looking. and the camera blows the xperia out of the water . I have a statue at the bottom of my garden taken with the sony the face is a featureless blob but with the samsung all the face detail can be seen . The lack of stabilisation is also pretty bad . The very thing it is sold on it completely fails at . The camera is about on a level with a cheap Acatel. My advice dont buy this phone . total waste of £800 . Even my samsung J5 was better.

  • Devadasan

A best android phone

  • alienufoweird

Sparky, 17 Jun 2020Hey there You're the only person that I've heard that's ... moreAs someone who's phone works flawlessly it seems to me that maybe your firmware got messed up in some way while installing updates. What i recommend is downloading the latest firmware on a pc and flash it to your phone using sonys program which i think is xperia companion but you can just google both and find them fairly easy also i believe the program has a firmware flash feature which does this automatically so check that before trying to download the firmware manually. Just be sure to download the firmware for your country in case the companion app doesn't do it automatically as the other versions might give you problems. Like i said before my phone has over 100 apps installed and has 0 problems with a decent 2 day battery life after 2 years of using it. Good luck.

  • Sparky

Horara, 03 Feb 2020This phone is foolish. After all the problem of not able to... moreHey there

You're the only person that I've heard that's having issues with their XZ2P
Mine also began like that, small failures that you could "fix" by restart but that just got worse and worse.
Now it goes full inhibited on every but the very first app you open after a restart and sometimes you can't even do that!
Did you find a way to fix this? Got any improvement with your phone?

  • alienufoweird

Greg, 08 Feb 2020Andriod 10 update resulted in my alarms being almost inaudi... moreStrange, i have 0 problems on mine. Did you do a hard reset and a cache clear after the update ? It mostly solves all problems.

  • Greg

Andriod 10 update resulted in my alarms being almost inaudible, there is now no way to adjust alarm volume.
I will turn the alarm off and it will restart one minute later, it will do this three twice after the initial alarm. The snooze is set for ten minutes.
I will need to buy an alarm clock for travel now. Prior to this update, the alarms worked perfectly, as expected.

  • alienufoweird

Horara, 03 Feb 2020This phone is foolish. After all the problem of not able to... moreHaven't had a problem with android 10 update. Just do a hard reset and clear cache and you should be ok. If you have problems with normal calls but not whatsapp call then that's either a software problem which you can solve with a hard reset or a carrier problem. Your capacity to deduce and solve problems is rubbish. Mine works perfectly and is one of the best phones i ever owned. You can access EVERYTHING on your phone by using a pc so you can copy everything on a hdd and then do a hard reset, that's what i do every time there's a problem i cannot solve with my phone. You don't know how to use a phone or maybe you're unlucky and have a defective unit from dropping it or who knows what else so change it if not satisfied but i've had my XZ2P for more than a year now and have 0 problems.

  • Horara

This phone is foolish. After all the problem of not able to stop alarm or pick up phone calls, This is is the problem of the Andriod 10 update. After that uring phone call, I can hear the other side but they cannot hear what I said. The hardware is alright as I can do call in Whatsapp normally. After a restart, it can make call normally for a few time but fail again after a while. What a rubbish! I call the service hotline and they cannot hear me. I call again after a restart and they claimed never heard of should situation. Fuck, A rubbish machine and a rubbish company! As usual, they only tell me to do a hard reset after a backup. But a backup can never backup all the thing and is a painful process. Last time when the alarn and phone call notice fail (never pop-up, I do a hard reset and no help until the foolish company roll out updates.

  • Kaze2508

RemigaDK, 14 Jan 2020Hi, wich xperia New model have Qi wireless charging? None of them. XZ3 is the latest which you can have wireless charging

  • alienufoweird

This phone just got updated to Android 10 out of nowhere, I wasn't expecting Android then at least till summer. What a great surprise, definitely keeping this device for 2 more years now. Been using it for a year now and apart from ,,slow,, security update because you only get them every 2 to 3 months everything else including performance is top notch and the 4K HDR screen is a beauty to look at.

Hi, wich xperia New model have Qi wireless charging?

Xz2 premium my favorite xz2 premium update to 1tb rom and 12gb ram and full edge dasame size of screen and latest camera pixel.latest spec...and better controller fo gaming 4k phone for me I like sony xz2 premium

  • alienufoweird

aayushi, 22 Oct 2019Hey guys!!! I am a loyal sony user and right now I am usin... moreI've been using the device for more than a year and never had a problem with it and never found it lacking in anything because it does everything especially in the screen department where you can easily enjoy a 4K HDR movie when you're on a trip or on vacation which is awesome and the camera quality is amazing especially at night. For me this is a perfect device and unless someone puts another smartphone with a 4K screen on the market I'm keeping this for at least 3 more years.

  • alienufoweird

1008ConceptsListGuy, 09 Nov 2019what in the world? 765 ppi? but i predicted that iphone 12... moreIt's a 4K HDR screen dude, Sony had them since the first xz premium device in 2017 and now they also have it on their latest xperia one device that launched in february. Where have you been living, under a rock? Plus they have one of the best cameras on the market.

  • 1008ConceptsListGuy

what in the world?
765 ppi? but i predicted that iphone 12 was gonna have 750 ppi! that means sony is better than apple?!

ok :|