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  • Nayr

Phone's good up until now
Heats up well, but not as hot as Z3+&Z5
I've owned all 3 of them, and my conclusion is the older Z series heats up less than the latest Z series
Though would recommend the latest XZ series more for longer hardware age&more software update

  • Vicky

inter, 24 Oct 2018It served me so well for more than 5 years. Well, more lik... moreI was facing the same issue, went in the Apps section and cleared cache for each app and force closed each of them. Phone became surprisingly fast.

  • inter

It served me so well for more than 5 years. Well, more like 4 years, the 5th year was painful. It has given up the ghost, keeps shutting itself down and rebooting, basically nothing works anymore. Any suggestions how to keep pit on long enough to pull the info off it?

  • Dawned Z1

Just put the 2013 Z1 to rest after 5 years of service. The HW was excellent and survived numerous long wintertrips when it was frozen to -20 to -27 deg C ant thawed on my chest in the sleepingbag in a tent, or on the table in a shack with woodstove - which means rapid heating from -10/-15deg C to + 25/+30 deg C. No trouble whatsoever with battery or moist/condensation.

The negative side of the Z1 was:
1: Crapware from Sony and
2: Early abandonment by Sony wrt software and software updates (iPhone released in 2013 just received iOS 12 and is supported until fall 2019. At least).

  • Anonymous

I got this phone since early 2014. Only took it to repair shop once - after 3 years of use my battery stopped working, tho it didn't even need replacing, it simply got fully charged and discharged a couple of times for 10eu. Still holds me through the day. I'd say it's only 10-15% worse from the day I bought it. Front glass still looks fresh, but back is pretty scratched cuz I got some sand in my case long ago. Overall great phone. Still can play almost all the games on Google play, but on more graphic demanding ones heats a bit. Tho recently it's taking it longer to do basic things like open messenger / launch chrome and stuff, often I get bugs and glitches that make it harder to use the phone, but only on certain apps. Well it's getting old I guess, no way around it. Worked perfectly fine for around 3 years tho. The last 4th year is kinda harder on the phone, but I'm sure it will last me to atleast early 2019 making it to 5 years :D.

  • Anonymous

Bought mine in early 2014. Only brought it to repair shop once in my life.

  • Chap1

Sohaib Siddique, 18 May 2018Still using. in my opinion one of the best mobile in mobil... moreYes,my still runs smooth and fast after more than 4 years,every Sony flagship works great for really long period(something Iphones never did and never will)- so u dont have to buy the latest flagship from Sony,example,in my country u can still buy new Sony flagship from 2024-Sony Z3 (p), but u can not buy flagships from 2014-from Samsung,Huawei,etc(S5 etc) it will say-this model is too old


Leplivo, 28 Jul 2018This is one of my worst phones i have ever had. It's laggy,... moreSAME HERE.. ☺☺☺

just moved up to a Z5 Premium from this ...
loved the Z1 - best phone I have owned and still working fine - my only complaint was the limited 16G onboard memory, after getting the basic apps I needed loaded, a few updates later I started running out of room, moved some over to the SD card but some apps just won't run off the card and some bigger apps would no longer update.
never any battery issues, no heat issues or any of the problem I heard about - a really good phone at least in my opinion

This is one of my worst phones i have ever had. It's laggy, overheats, battery drains way to fast even tho it has 3000mAh.

sum fag, 04 Jul 2018its crispy. but sometimes it laggs, maybe its because it is... moreThat's one of the reasons, but the real reason why is because an app's demand have increased. Have u ever played a game that got released and it's unplayable after a year or so of updates? Yeah, that's what I meant...

  • Sid

C6906 still stuck on KitKat, and having wifi dropping issues

  • sum fag

its crispy. but sometimes it laggs, maybe its because it is so old`?

  • herbert

Mel, 26 May 2018I've got this phone for 4 years. It's not the worse phone e... moredon't use it while charging so that the battery will stay alive lol and will not be damaged!

  • orion1two

Sohaib Siddique, 18 May 2018Still using. in my opinion one of the best mobile in mobil... moreYou should consider upgrade to Sony Z5. Still similar design and Android 7.1

  • Mel

I've got this phone for 4 years. It's not the worse phone ever,but my Xperia Z1 is clearly lagging. Here are some examples; my battery is at 40%,and then my phone shuts off because ''there isn't any battery''.
Another example, the screen is absolute shit. Sometimes I start typing and then nothing gets written. And so I have to restart my phone..

  • Sohaib Siddique

Still using. in my opinion one of the best mobile in mobile industry

  • RKS

I had used Sony Xpreia Z1 for about 4-5 years. Its was a premium phone with a stylish touch. The performance was great till inclusion of 4G in market. I enjoyed the royalty. Now its dead as I couldn't find its spares.

ashfar ashu, 16 Apr 2018if i buy this phone..........whats your opinion about ... moreIt is great, by 2013 standards of course. I still have my XPERIA Z1 still alive and kicking, but no longer use it that much and made it as my collection. Because as years past, applications have been demanding more and more memory used in the background, for this smartphone it will definitely lag, this is why I have already cleared all the data of those social media apps. In 2018, I don't really recommend XPERIA Z1, for those looking for smartphones that have good bang-for-the-buck for budget users, try getting some Chinese brand smartphones. HUAWEI, XIAOMI, MEIZU, these brands are to go-to when it comes to the best bang-for-the-buck in mid-end smartphones

  • Jenny

I've had my phone for 4 or 5 years now, its pretty good, had to replace the battery after 2 years. But overall pretty happy with it. the only draw back i would say its that the android doesn't update past lollipop. But still working for everything i need it for.