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  • Munna

I have taken xperia z2 4 weeks back.. it was amazing phone. battery back up is too good. i even took video in under water which came amazingly. experiencing a wonderful time with my xperia z2.

  • AnonD-89006

Bought the xperia z2 on 4th july and from today onwards i am facing issues with touch screen. Its is automatically sensing and doing annoying things by itself like taking the camera, contacts and all by itself. Please don't spend money for z2 rather go for htc s desire 816 mid range phone which is performing on par with z2. Anyhow now i need to take these to service centers is the most annoying thing. Very bad purchase

  • Anonymous

AnonD-219982, 10 Jul 2014I am now using this phone since last 4 days and I am feeling hom... moreM8 is hair line better than Z2 in stereo session because of lacking waterproof tech!
Of course, Z2 make happy in rainy days and accident drops of drinking water in party
KEEP using Z2 and toy will understand the lovely Z2 during a few months:)

  • Anonymous

I am a Sony smartphones user:)
I have used Sony Xperia Z2 (business premium smartphone): T2 (entertainment smartphone):
NOW, Sony attracts my attentions with" the great Selfie smartphone C3"
C3 has 5 mega pixel frontal camera with frontal soft LED*****
We can snap selfie photos only double tap to back of C3 and it is so fantastic*****
C3 will be my social sharing smartphone and price is very affordable!
I think, C3 is the " BEST PRESENT" for your girlfriend and loveliest*****
Have a happy days:)

  • Anonymous

FM radio in Z2 is one of the talents of Z2 features!
FM radio with RDS give us valuable local news and *local weather news and *local breaking news which are not available in internet streaming radio!
MHL 3 truly support for advanced connect*****
Download speed and GPS is excellent in my Z2*****
Google what' s new is cool to me
In camera UI, vine mood is my favorite and background defocus give me romantic photos
Physical camera button is fantastic for me and it make me feel Z2 like a true camera
Live colour Led full HD 5.2" display is more productivity than other ones in my business
Noise cancelling headset us also my favourite*****
Z2 gives me CONFIDENT in talking and walking rainy days
Good jobs Sony,:)

  • kentot berapi

batery drain very fast..other than that this is superb phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-280590, 10 Jul 2014Wow, you have many like minded friends, since you all adopted fo... moreYou know Z2 needs a few minutes to make dry !
Sony is pioneer of water proif smartphone and Z2 is the latest waterproof smartphone:)
Sony do good jobs for customers in Z2
You can happily buy Z2 with stunning camera :)
For example, Samsung used old rubber water_seal belt technology for high_end s5, UNLIKE Z2
It is a funny technology for s5 and it is only a gimmick !
Diet believe is better way

  • Anonymous

Leo, 10 Jul 2014most of the xperia z2 phones has a manufacturing defect which al... moreYou know nothing about Xperia line up:
And you did not have Z2 in real life:)
We are swimming with Z2 :) Taking Z2 to showers:)
Z2 is OK
If you put Z2 under water, you should know that it need to wait for a few minutes to use:)
All real Z2 users know this plain fact
But, you did not know this plain fact
In convulsion, you are not a Z2 user
Stay away our premium forum

  • AnonD-280590

Leo, 10 Jul 2014most of the xperia z2 phones has a manufacturing defect which al... moreWow, you have many like minded friends, since you all adopted for Xperia Z2. You all must have been Sony fans. Sony fans group... Anyways, good to know.

  • ?

Leo, 10 Jul 2014most of the xperia z2 phones has a manufacturing defect which al... moreAnother steamihng pile of poo from Sony.

  • ?

AnonD-228760, 10 Jul 2014This phone is the best :)No. That I'll be the iphone.

  • AnonD-228760

This phone is the best :)

  • Anonymous

Water resistant doesn't mean that you put your phone under the tap or submerge it in the sea just to test whether it's worth the specs mentioned or not. I would be stupid enough to throw my pricy phone in the sea /swimming pool/river/pond/under tap just to check whether it can survive or not,that's weird.

  • Leo

AnonD-280590, 10 Jul 2014To be honest, I'm very confused, and I'd like someones opinion, ... moremost of the xperia z2 phones has a manufacturing defect which allows water to go inside it, I bought one recently and when I submerged it under fresh water surface not more than 10 cm to 15 cm for not more than 15 seconds with all the sockets sealed it was not working fine after that then a couple of hours passed and it was dead, many of my friends had the same water issue with the same model xperia z2, when I searched for this issue I found that many faced the same issue in my country and in foreign countries , please be aware from buying this model, Xperia z1 works just perfect under water but not Xperia z2, please check these links all are showing that sony xperia z2 has manufacturing defects and also includes the official statements about these defects released by sony­2-troubled-by-hardware-defects ,­wners-reporting-issues-with-gaps-in-chassis-and-­overheating-with-4k-video/ ,­t-reported-sony-xperia-z2-owners , I am sure that sony knows that xperia Z2 has problems and defects so why they are still advertising it!

  • AnonD-219982

I am now using this phone since last 4 days and I am feeling home. I was using xperia ZL , then Z . then shifted to HTC M8 recently and was in complete non satisfaction. used M8 for 4 days , tried hard to love it as invested quite a big money but was unable to digest. Nothing come close to sony except the screen and the beautiful body. The music app is a crap. nothing can be customised. Base is like child. I use a bose on ear head set and its sound output with Walkman app is way off than M8. Facebook event other than contacts can not be synced with M8. For finding simple and necessary phone feature like searching mobile network manually ( I travel a lot in many interior parts of India) you will be mad. You will find it in data connection settings. Joke or what i dont kno. In call sound was another annoying factor. Sometime it sound so loud , some time not audible. some say its vodafone india problem. The same sim have no prob with My XZ,XZL & Now Z2. what shall i call this? Need no comment on camera of M8 all kno it well. But its battery were decent . sufficient for a days use. However My Z2 battery simply dont die ( I keep Stamina mode on though)and i easily get 1 and Half day including whole night standby. if anybody agree please share

  • emez

[deleted post]You keep replying to everyone's comments.because you don't have something to do,go and start something.

  • delightsome

This is a beautiful piece of technology. Very solid phone. I'm so glad I bought it. It never lags even under the most intense pressure. Whaow! I even purposely bought and downloaded Nova 3 on it to see if it will misbehave a little. It never did. And that's after I have downloaded despicable me, gun Bros and some other heavy graphics games . the screen is so amazing and music on it is heavenly. Get a premium headset if you really want to enjoy music on this phone. Calls are clear and nice. But a little advice, don't use go launcher or products. Doesn't work well with this phone and u will think the phone is the problem until you Uninstall it. Sony poured their heart out on this one. Bravo Sony.

  • luca

hina, 07 Jul 2014Htc m8did u use m8 , and y m8 better than z2 iconfused between this two devices

  • AnonD-280590

To be honest, I'm very confused, and I'd like someones opinion, whether i should buy the xperia z2 or not. I'm a previous xperia z user, and this line of android smartphones really attract me. The problem at hand is the successor of Z2, the Z3, which is expected to be released in September. Should I wait 2 months for Z3? Or is Z2 just too damn great to just pass on like that?

  • Anonymous

mARK, 09 Jul 2014is the z2 is waterproof even if its in the salt water? pls repl... moreFresh water only! It is not advisable or sensible to take the phone into the sea, bound to damage your phone.