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  • AnonD-13060

I am basically an iOS fanboy but I used Z1 last October & found it very competitive in terms of features of all kind. I m interested to buy Z2 also here in India. Can anyone tell me the approximate price & specific release date for this upcoming gem...? ;-)

  • AnonD-182485

I agree that sony is better than samsung but it quite good if sony add Infrared, temperature and other sensors like samsung.

  • AnonD-118519

Its interesting that while S5 and Z2 are released at the same time, S5 has more than 1 million daily hits and Z2 has just 3K hits. And in daily hit Z2 is so behind while its a better device. It shows that GSM is a Samsung worshiper site and tries to show that people are more interested in S5 while its a failure.

  • AnonD-22824

AnonD-197261, 01 Mar 2014Dude.. S5 comes with 2800mah..Z2 comes with 3200mah..check the o... moreDude! Link plz ! and removable battrey is always a good option with a spare need to busy ur phone with a charger or a bulky powerbank..rofl.

  • AnonD-237697

I am just praying it launches aroud 40K in India !
And that too in April !
If anyone knows about there 2 things...please reply :)

  • ganesh

AnonD-197261, 01 Mar 2014@vikramjit, you are Samsung fan..who never used a Sony phone..ra... moreyou are correct

  • AnonD-197261

AnonD-22824, 01 Mar 2014Battrey is not 3200 its 3000 mah same as Z1 .gsma sud correct th... moreDude.. S5 comes with 2800mah..Z2 comes with 3200mah..check the official spec..and wonder how a removal battery can help in getting better standby..rofl

  • shank

sony is the only company to produce best quality in all products i like sony brand

  • AnonD-197261

@vikramjit, you are Samsung fan..who never used a Sony phone..rather I can say you are not eligible to own a Sony phone.. Just go to S5 comments and see how did people liked it..with S5 launch Sammy just shown the world that they have nothing much to show...heart rate monitor is wth S5 highlights,it's my brothers college project .. Lol..

  • jhonny8

Finally so has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink thumbs up sony.

  • AnonD-237697

Using S3, 01 Mar 2014Antutu Benchmark for Popular flagship At MWC Sony Xperia Z2(I50... moreMy dear usingS3 ! :)
kee using S3 forever !
Coz may be according to samsung...increasing the RAM only benefits the benchmarks ! :D !
Joke f the decade ! :D

  • AnonD-29280

Using S3, 01 Mar 2014Antutu Benchmark for Popular flagship At MWC Sony Xperia Z2(I50... morehahaha so what are you saying samsung is better lolololololololol???

  • S

Using S3, 01 Mar 2014Antutu Benchmark for Popular flagship At MWC Sony Xperia Z2(I50... moreDon't forget S5 is clocked at 2.5ghz while Z2 is clocked at 2.ghz

  • AnonD-237697

for all those who have problmes with 16gb storage !

sony is working on this problem and they are soon going to fix that...many apps are movable to sd card n they work fine

n this upgrade will come soon!
n z2 has 10.5 gb available !

  • advice

ankitanvi, 01 Mar 2014Stupid Samsung..!! If we have to unlock the phone by SWYPING on... moreonly the owner of the s5 can unlock the phone by swyping his finger on the fingerprint sensor,unlike the regular swyping on the screen where any one who saw how u unlock the screen will be able to do so.

with the fingerprint sensor u don't need to hide the phone when unlocking the screen,because there is no pattern or password that can be memorized by the others.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-105859, 01 Mar 2014this smartphone is revolution from the perfect smartphone ... moreAnd how is it a revolution?!?!? It's becomong exasperating already to see this posted all over the place. I'll tell you what the Z2 has over the Z1: a slightly better CPU, 1 GB of RAM, 200 mAh ofbattery power, and 0,2" of screen size. That's it! If I had a Z1, I wouldn't even think of upgrading, even if my Z1 got destroyed, as the Z1 would be a cheaper replacement than the Z2.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-92587, 01 Mar 2014no mate, better cpu, more ram, better screen, better speakers, n... moreThe CPU has a lower clock speed, the display is an LCD, which is worse than an AMOLED of the same size and resolution, experience with the Z1 has shown that the 20MP camera is worse than 13MP cameras in most circumstances (see the reviews snd photo compare tools) and that the battery life for web browsing and video watching is pathetic, and the UI is primitive compared to TouchWiz, in most respects. Granted, the Z2 is one of the best phones out there, but it is the S5's near-equal, so I don't understand why everyone says the Z2 is better. And what major upgrade is the Z2 from the Z1, anyway?

  • AnonD-119418

Best thing of SONY is, they never copy other brands :)

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-78833, 01 Mar 2014Why only 16GB of total internal storage? Android OS alone requir... moreAndroid use around 5GB on Xperia flagships,8GB is only on Samsung. But yeah, i agree, i want 32GB as well, and must be expandable.

  • special offer

since recession is going on, this phone will cost around 20,000 indian rupees.....