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Sony Xperia Z2

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  • AnonD-237392

so wonderful!

  • AnonD-181609

Tom, 25 Feb 201416GB is less, if have 32GB will be good. 64GB is BEST!! I surel... moreI do also own NOTE 3 Indian version doubting beauty of handset in body design BUT SONY's 20MP with much smarter cam application + S DRAGON 801 are additional and I dont care now about S pen - and bigger screen.....
I have used Galaxy S2 S3 Note 2 Note 3 believe me this time S5 su7ked ....they are going to put heart beat sensor in Note 4 what cud else thing be changed size with 0.2 and some new s pen features Naaaaah I wont need it any more now only screen shot is enough.....
Got beautiful and bigger capable 4K Sony tv ... Got to get Sony Xperia Z2........
________X - Samsung Fan from now onwards

  • Anonymous

ok goodbye to my one year old xperia Z,, im getting this one lol. so glad i skipped z1 lol

  • AnonD-100217

No offence but 'screen resistant glass'??? Seriously? Come on the build quality of Xperia's is one of the best.I own a Xperia z1 and earlier Xperia Z and I can vouch for this fact

  • AnonD-181609

Hamo, 24 Feb 2014why still with single LED flush!!!!!!,make it with dual to incre... moreSensor is able to take good photographs even in low lights thats why u dont need dual light.....
With dual light it might get affected onto battery nd etc idont know

  • AnonD-181609

Oh yeahh....
And add those buttons which reacts only thinking by them....
33000mAh is too small yeah ? Hahah 33,000 mfg

  • Anonymous

If it comes in 6 inches it will be my choice. Z ultra disappointed by no flash

  • AnonD-237354

much better than S5 sony keep going like this n u will be king

  • Anonymous

Aby, 24 Feb 2014Z2 = Best of sony in a smartphone v 2.0 Absolutely stunning Spe... moreUnless watching movies or video games what usually eats battery life are android o/s or apps that you don't need or know are running in the background

  • Atharkhan786

Highly dissapointing specs of S5. Already shifted from s4 to sony z1. Samsung again dissapointng features . Plan to get z2 when available. Even Gionee E7 got Better specs then s5 specially 3 GB RAM instead of s5's 2 GB .

  • Phineas

Okay. So this is the best phone till now...
now wait for the htc one+!
lets see what it will bring.....

  • AnonD-237292

Please release this in America! I am ditching Samsung ASAP!....Good Job Sony ;)

  • AnonD-89174

This one is now the phone on my list! Good thing I did not grab the Z1 or else I will be left with regret on missing on this lovely piece by Sony. The GS5 really looks so ugly in comparison to this and the Lumia 1520 of Nokia! Sony and Nokia really know what their consumers and market want with Sony putting all their best effort with the Z2 especially putting on a bigger battery and a better screen and Nokia stepping on to the Android arena. Imagine Nokia Lumia 1520 having an Android OS, for sure the S5 will not get a chance in defeating any of the devices I have mentioned.

  • Night

Really... 16gb for 4k video....we need 32gb/64/128gb internal

  • AnonD-237275

NickChesterfield, 25 Feb 2014Omg sony still uses low class glasses. That stupid "screen ... moreit's a super strong tempered glass... i've watched a youtube reviewer doing a drop test on Z1, and barely a scratch on the front or back panel... please get your fact straight dude...

  • AnonD-60011

NO.that's not the Z2 that's the REAL Z1s !

  • AnonD-237275

sidney, 24 Feb 2014why 5,2 inch why didn't they stay with the 5 inch it keeps getti... morebecause it gives people what they want? bigger screen for just a tad taller but narrower, thinner, and ligther phone which means less bezel? hmmm...

  • AnonD-237275

piyal, 24 Feb 2014I hate this crazy trend of bigger is better. It was already unco... morehmmm.. so you cant handle 2.8 mm taller, 0.7 mm narrower,7gr lighter for an extra screen real estate eh?? interesting....

z2 = 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm (5.78 x 2.89 x 0.32 in)
z1 = 144 x 74 x 8.5 mm (5.67 x 2.91 x 0.33 in)

  • UdontSay

But still. Even with all these specs. This phone is still a 32 bit os. Not a 64 bit OS. So what's new besides having an octa core, a 3gb of ram, a 20mp camera, and yadayada? if you would also download apps on the google playstore which BTW, is a sparsely community when it comes to games and such? In my experiences in mobile devices. It's just having a note 3 on your pocket.

  • AnonD-19086

galaxy s5 is the best if xperia z2 never exist in the world :)