Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

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  • AnonD-237581

AnonD-210607, 25 Feb 2014Z..Z1..Z2.. all look the same, people criticized Samsung for the... moreSony have great design from Z series,so of cos not much complain about the design

Look at Samsung S3 until S5, what is the improvement? from ugly to uglier, the S2 better than those.

  • Jezzy

AnonD-210607, 25 Feb 2014Z..Z1..Z2.. all look the same, people criticized Samsung for the... morevery simple, Sony already have good design despite newer version still look same.

Look at the poor samsung design from S3 until S5, what change from ugly to uglier?

  • AnonD-237556

perfect phone for the hand...
Awsum... with IPS LCD screen... with 3GB RAM
wow. extraordinary... great job..
much better than SAMSUNG S5
Sony Has done a great job

  • kim

I think sony xperia Z2 is the device that will make my life confortable and easy. I've just fell in with this cute phone.

  • anubis from east

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2014[i dont thnk making phones water proof is so necessary, i mean w... moreWell... I do take my Xperiaz to shower... Is there a problem? I like to shower with my phone... Hence my Z is sparkly every morning

  • AnonD-210607

Z..Z1..Z2.. all look the same, people criticized Samsung for the slight difference between S3 and S4, But The Hell Is That ?

  • anubis from east

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2014Sony has to get rid of physical buttons in the lower half of the... moreWait... what? What physical buttons?
Only complaint in Z2 is size... I honestly think 5inch should be max on phone(Love my XperiaZ)... Hope they release Z2 Compact should be a divine phone coming

  • Anonymous

Is this really ips +lcd ? If so then its good.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-159824, 25 Feb 2014Z2 5.2 screen > than z1 5 in then make z2 compact < than ... moreZ2 Compact need smaller top and bottom bezel and a ~4.5 inch Full HD display. 3.8 is far inside niche market territory, thats why Xperia SX wasnt released worldwide, 3.7-3.8 inch is only for the very few specially interested. Reminds me most of this new Norwegian android phone made for use in gas and oil installations where regular cellphones are strictly prohibited due to explosion hazard, they know they can sell just a few hundred thousands units max of that phone model and therefore are pricing them at around $4000.

  • AnonD-67137

perfect i repeat perfect far better than s5

  • AnonD-209094

vk, 25 Feb 2014I think sony will upgrade xperia z1 n xperia z1 compact with all... moreI dont think they have whats needed for UHD video recording, if you look closer at the chipsets you find that there are more improvements that dont necessarily affect CPU performance so much but for example the higher frequency of the memory bus enables a considerably higher max throughput.

To me it seems that 801 is a considerable evolution of the 800, and the higher clock of the GPU is showing clearly in the early benchmarks when it comes to onscreen graphics performance, should be a very noticeable improvement in heavy 3D games.

  • AnonD-192951

Getting this one after sony xperia z skipping xperia z1 glade!!!!!!!!

  • Sachi

It looks downright sexy.

The tallness of the device is used to house the Onscreen buttons. Even if we exclude onscreen buttons we still get 5" visible screen. Just brilliant sony.

Hopefully the stereo front speakers are loud enough.
Hopefully the headphone audio is loud enough.
Sony has put effort in these two category. By providing noise cancellation it is trying to compensate for the notorious low volume Qualcom DACs. And by providing stereo speakers it is trying to overcome the loudness problem in previous models.

Hopefully it will support Airtel 4g in India like IPhone 5s does.

Hopefully battery life is good.

Hopefully the sunlight legibility is as good as my N3.

I'm fed up with Exynos nonsense on my N3. Time to move on to real multitasking processor.

I bought XZ on 2 days before the official launch date. I'm going to Buy Z2 as soon as its available in India.

First thing m gonna do is over clock that snapdragon 801 to 2.5Ghz and under volt it... :-)

  • SmSm

Better than samsung s5

Ihope the new HTC ONE will be better than these two

  • sambhav

it looks way better than samsung galaxy s5, only difference is that s5's camera is a bit good than z2

  • AnonD-237489

I love this phone. Its just keep getting better than before. I just bought z1 when it first launched and so far i love this phone. Just want a bigger internal memory. Dont get the screen more bigger cause it hard to hold when it is too big.

  • vk

I think sony will upgrade xperia z1 n xperia z1 compact with all the new features that are introduced with xperia z2 coz both z1 n z1 compact have got the necessary specs in order to handle these upgrades like 4k videos n al other exciting features..what say guys?

  • bj

Nothing new like finger print or heart beat sensor

  • Nikola

Sony makes what customers want, now i am sony fan
(late samsung fan, now sony fan)

  • AnonD-203723

Wow...Brilliant!!!! I love it