Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

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  • AnonD-169115

The most beautiful Phone I have ever seen stereo speakers IPS triluminos
4k recording the Best CAMERA perfect Phone My future Phone.

  • AnonD-236799

AnonD-232275, 24 Feb 2014hehe waiting for z2 compactim with you man!

  • AnonD-232275

hehe waiting for z2 compact

  • AnonD-232275

is tap to wake up the screen available?disappointed

  • AnonD-125141

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2014Why they still retained the 1080x1920 when Galaxy S5 is alr... moreBecause powering 3686400 pixels with only 3200mAh is not a good stuff.

  • AnonD-46086

No 1080p 60fps. Battery although big can manage only 13 h 50 min. LG G2 with 3000mah gives up to 16 h 30 min (2G) / Up to 17 h 30 min (3G). Main reason u buy a phone is to talk a lot and this fails the primary purpose.

Disappointing Z2. Go got G2!!

  • AnonD-125141

AnonD-73154, 24 Feb 2014Worst Phone Ever. Z1 Have 1080p Display and 16gb Memory Z2 ... moreYeah, worst phone ever. Only 20.7 MP with 1/2.3 type camera. At least give us 100MP with 3inch sensor and 1TB RAM and 256 Pentabyte Storage and 2mm thich and 4 inch size and 300THz speed and Adreno 9999 GPU right? And also protection from the nuclear fusion of the Sun. Yeah, don't buy this phone. -_-

And yes, I sound sarcastic.

  • Xavier

aadi, 24 Feb 2014No front camera or any mEmory cars slot.!!! What a shame Sony.!!You must be blind!

  • AnonD-236783

Still i feel ma xperia Z is better...

How stupid can they be to make a 16 GB internal memory phone, when the competition has 32, and even 64 GB!
That big bezel is also NOT a good idea.

  • AnonD-232704

Its 801 and 3200 mAh GSM ... !

  • AnonD-219262

AnonD-232660, 24 Feb 2014Sony's Xperia Z went flop due to washed out, very less satu... moreHave u ever owned a flagship phone? I doubt. Else it might be my ignorance that all Flagship phone owners do also own a car so that they are Always protected from weather. I more use my Enfield than my i20 and find myself in trouble while rain.

  • SYD Harry

Z2 processor is 801and battery is 3200mAh.

  • AnonD-236574

battery 3200

  • AnonD-236574

Snapdragon 801

  • AnonD-235688


  • AnonD-73154

Worst Phone Ever. Z1 Have 1080p Display and 16gb Memory Z2 Should Give a 1440 x 2560 Display and 32gb memory. battery is also Terrible 3000mAh Are You Kidding Me Sony? At least give a 33000mAh. So Disappointed Me Sony

  • AnonD-147507

awesome design

  • Anonymous

[i dont thnk making phones water proof is so necessary, i mean we dont take mobiles in shower with us!!]
some other people think otherwise.
[get very rough in just few days by taking out again n again]

i've used my Z for months and the cover flaps are still working fine

  • AnonD-77171

3000mah is poor from sony z1 's 5"display
z2 is even worst for sure!@5.2"screen.

sony poor ....