Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

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  • Anonymous

Why they still retained the 1080x1920 when Galaxy S5 is already coming with 1440x2560? -.-

  • dqb

it should be snapdragon 801 and 3200 mAH battery...

  • Anonymous

aadi, 24 Feb 2014No front camera or any mEmory cars slot.!!! What a shame Sony.!!Please read the specification carefully before you complain.

  • AnonD-159403

i hope sony makes a mini/compact version with same specs & body with at least 4.7/4.8 inch very soon.

just like this specs:
body - same but just
dimensions:138 x 70 x 10 mm

display - same but just
type : ips lcd capacitive touchscreen, 16m colors

memory - same but just
card solt : microsd, up to 64 gb
internal : 16 gb, 2 gb ram
camera - same

features - same but just
battery : 2600-2800 mah battery

please sony you are the best please consider.

  • Anonymous

It do have a front camera

  • darkraver

this "my is bigger,mine is stronger, mine is Android OS higher..." discourse is getting on my nerve
In my opinion this is BEST! smartphone on the market, all top specs, all top build and...

what makes SONY different from others are tons of peripheral accessories:
extra camera options, PS3 controller option,excellent stereo bluetooth speakers,...etc,etc...
other companies are not as near inventive and user friendly

and therefore SONY is true mobile world premium even though some others sell more

  • AnonD-70018

aadi, 24 Feb 2014No front camera or any mEmory cars slot.!!! What a shame Sony.!!It has both of those things. . .

  • aadi

No front camera or any mEmory cars slot.!!! What a shame Sony.!!

  • Chad

My new phone,,,,

  • Anonymous

this is getting boring sony. well at least on the bright side, no reason to change phone yet. spects are already great.. now focus on the battery.

  • z2 z3 z4

nice to see Sony using 1080p display instead of 2k
only those want spec rather than performance will ask for crapy 2k while their eye cant even differentiate between 720p and 1020p

  • Gutt Grinder

I'll pass for this one. I'll wait for the Xperia Z2 compact/mini and I hope that it'll allow me to remove the batteries same as for the Xperia ZR.

Wishful thinking I may say but we'll never know..

  • AnonD-102430

146.8 only 5.2 ???????? it is long body

  • AnonD-236655

Snapdragon 801 not 800

  • AnonD-145794

120 frames per second amazing
but not good body size

  • mortuus

ugly.. to much deadspace and looks to identical to Z1.... lame

  • AnonD-77892

Tcool, 24 Feb 2014Nice...oh?

  • AnonD-196288

The Z2 Battery MAH: 3200 and @1080 60fps, please fix it. ^.^ Thank you

  • Anonymous

Same old design.

  • Redja

still fullHD?? ok...won't buy it...