Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2

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  • Gutt Grinder

I'll pass for this one. I'll wait for the Xperia Z2 compact/mini and I hope that it'll allow me to remove the batteries same as for the Xperia ZR.

Wishful thinking I may say but we'll never know..

  • AnonD-102430

146.8 only 5.2 ???????? it is long body

  • AnonD-236655

Snapdragon 801 not 800

  • AnonD-145794

120 frames per second amazing
but not good body size

  • mortuus

ugly.. to much deadspace and looks to identical to Z1.... lame

  • AnonD-77892

Tcool, 24 Feb 2014Nice...oh?

  • AnonD-196288

The Z2 Battery MAH: 3200 and @1080 60fps, please fix it. ^.^ Thank you

  • Anonymous

Same old design.

  • Redja

still fullHD?? ok...won't buy it...

  • AnonD-84051

1080p@60fps Should be written

  • AnonD-84051

1080p@60fps უნდა იყოს.

  • deep11

Back design is not good