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Sony Xperia Z3

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  • xja
  • 07 Mar 2020

is a good phone but need improvement on battery 🔋 and the warming issue. I love the phone 📱

    Kapour , 21 Dec 2019Why is my z3 warms when even am not using it? Hmm I had this problem recently tho, was fine like a mth ago, using it as spare phone

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      • Kapour
      • C89
      • 21 Dec 2019

      Why is my z3 warms when even am not using it?

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        • perica
        • iB0
        • 18 Nov 2019

        Having Compact version for almost 5 years now. I can say very robust phone as I was having at work gardening most of the time even on rainy days. Still works like charm. Only battery is slowly getting weaker. Great phone.

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          • serkes
          • p1H
          • 08 Nov 2019

          It's been 5 years since I'm having Z3 Dual. Battery life is still great. However, I'm having a problem with turning Bluetooth on and off. I have restart the phone in Safe mode.

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            • Alex
            • mE0
            • 03 Nov 2019

            By far the worst Sony phone I've had, infact both z3 and z3 compact were truly awful phones.

            I bought a z3 compact early this year which the screen failed so got that replaced and the second compact failed due to the screen again so updated to a new z3 and out the box had trouble with the battery life as it just wasn't lasting I came from a Z2 which lasted decades battery wise, the best phone I ever had and set the bench mark, the z3 isn't a patch on the Z2, I kept my z3 in a soft pouch and accidently dropped it and would not turn back on, took it to get it repaired only find out it needed a new motherboard so scrapped it, I have now gone back and bought another Z2, my previous Z2 had been dropped numerous times, driven over and dropped in much water it was ridiculous and still survived if I hadn't of lost it I would never of changed.

            Don't waste your money if you want a classic z phone then buy the Z2 as the z3 isn't even worthy as a paper weight!

              Hi i have had this phone for 4 years now ! and it still looks new. its a great phone!
              still works fast and the battery life is still excellent , only problems i have is it needs a software update now , and sometimes has problems with the proximity sensor and can get hot when using for a long time , i cant seem to update the software for some reason ;/
              So i am looking for new phone but similar to this one but a little more updated ..
              any recomendations?? thanks

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                • nhsh
                • JEu
                • 30 Sep 2019

                xperia z3 dual or huawei p8 lite 2017?

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                  • cabs
                  • qNv
                  • 29 Sep 2019

                  Aphex, 28 Sep 2019I have had a Bronze dual sim model for 5 years and absolute... morei just totally refurbished mine which has been sitting with a broken screen the last two years, wanted to use it as a dedicated walkman. sitting here with what looks like a mint brand new z3, black, with no fingerprints or scratches, and it looks better than anything else on the market right now. definitely worth the effort, the DAC on this bad boy sounds way better than my galaxy s8, and even better than the one in the z5.

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                    • Aphex
                    • 4X@
                    • 28 Sep 2019

                    I have had a Bronze dual sim model for 5 years and absolutely love this phone. Bloatware removed, rooted, this thing is solid. Love the magnetic charger, great idea but not available on newer models. Bring the old glory days back Sony, don't try to be like Samsung or Apple.

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                      • booby
                      • XMi
                      • 15 Sep 2019

                      Had it for almost 4 years.. Other than front camera couldn't focus (I think because of software update not 100% successful) everything's great. Love the design, fit in my hand. I bought z5 premium a while ago but I still using z3 fir my primary number

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                        • Ghendar
                        • Ycr
                        • 14 Sep 2019

                        It's good phone with nice features, I noticed the following issues:

                        The first issue with this phone is the built quality, the screen could easily pop out and shatter with slight drop, so if you wanna buy it make sure you would buy a good quality case.
                        The second issue, it becomes very hot when playing games and back glass panel of mine cracked when I put it on a table after I played games.

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                          • Glenn
                          • uiI
                          • 10 Sep 2019

                          Had phone for 5 years, has been fantastic. Battery still great. Recently approximately sensor is playing up. Otherwise I would keep this phone for ever.

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                            • Svf
                            • 28 Aug 2019

                            Use 3 years z3 compact very good phone, now bought new z3 and use and like very much, better than many new other brand more expensive phones.

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                              • M
                              • Svf
                              • 28 Aug 2019

                              M, 18 Aug 2019Best phone, even in 2019.Agree

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                                • Prabhu
                                • rJy
                                • 26 Aug 2019

                                One the best mobile of all times. My all time favourite mobile. It Got Mobile of the year award.

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                                  • Aqua
                                  • w7m
                                  • 23 Aug 2019

                                  Bought this second had Refurbished on the 15th of August 2019. Not ever a week late it was accidently know off the arm on the couch and landing on a cruch (broke foot). The back smashed like a piece of chocolate bunny that you please your finger had into. Also the update never worked. I tried it at least 3 times and each time it turned its self on it said update needed . Plus the back it really slippery. Was constantly slippery of the arm of the chair or ever my pants, quite entertaining watching it move all by its self but annoying when it keeps landing on the floor.

                                  No comment of waterproofness 'i didnt have it long enough to get wet' I well say I prefer the old 'first' Sony Xperia Active that was sturdy, waterproof and easy to use. Nothing like these new versions of touch screens. Haven't found one I really like.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • wra
                                    • 19 Aug 2019

                                    Deepak234, 15 Aug 2019I have my Xperia z3 I buy 2nd hand when I buy the phone the... moreDo reset factory

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                                      • Svf
                                      • 18 Aug 2019

                                      Best phone, even in 2019.

                                        I have my Xperia z3 I buy 2nd hand when I buy the phone the phone is on Android version 6.0
                                        And i want to go back in kit kat 4.4 does any one know how to go back 4.4. Kit kat version