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Sony Xperia Z3

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  • Aphex

I have had a Bronze dual sim model for 5 years and absolutely love this phone. Bloatware removed, rooted, this thing is solid. Love the magnetic charger, great idea but not available on newer models. Bring the old glory days back Sony, don't try to be like Samsung or Apple.

  • booby

Had it for almost 4 years.. Other than front camera couldn't focus (I think because of software update not 100% successful) everything's great. Love the design, fit in my hand. I bought z5 premium a while ago but I still using z3 fir my primary number

  • Ghendar

It's good phone with nice features, I noticed the following issues:

The first issue with this phone is the built quality, the screen could easily pop out and shatter with slight drop, so if you wanna buy it make sure you would buy a good quality case.
The second issue, it becomes very hot when playing games and back glass panel of mine cracked when I put it on a table after I played games.

  • Glenn

Had phone for 5 years, has been fantastic. Battery still great. Recently approximately sensor is playing up. Otherwise I would keep this phone for ever.

  • M

Use 3 years z3 compact very good phone, now bought new z3 and use and like very much, better than many new other brand more expensive phones.

  • M

M, 18 Aug 2019Best phone, even in 2019.Agree

  • Prabhu

One the best mobile of all times. My all time favourite mobile. It Got Mobile of the year award.

  • Aqua

Bought this second had Refurbished on the 15th of August 2019. Not ever a week late it was accidently know off the arm on the couch and landing on a cruch (broke foot). The back smashed like a piece of chocolate bunny that you please your finger had into. Also the update never worked. I tried it at least 3 times and each time it turned its self on it said update needed . Plus the back it really slippery. Was constantly slippery of the arm of the chair or ever my pants, quite entertaining watching it move all by its self but annoying when it keeps landing on the floor.

No comment of waterproofness 'i didnt have it long enough to get wet' I well say I prefer the old 'first' Sony Xperia Active that was sturdy, waterproof and easy to use. Nothing like these new versions of touch screens. Haven't found one I really like.

  • Anonymous

Deepak234, 15 Aug 2019I have my Xperia z3 I buy 2nd hand when I buy the phone the... moreDo reset factory

  • M

Best phone, even in 2019.

I have my Xperia z3 I buy 2nd hand when I buy the phone the phone is on Android version 6.0
And i want to go back in kit kat 4.4 does any one know how to go back 4.4. Kit kat version

  • Cyberdelic

The phone is Very slippery. The speakers are not loud enough. The remote play works very well but only over Wi-Fi if you play a lot of PlayStation 4. It's a good thing it's waterproof because my Z3 Plus heats up so much after a few minutes of basic usage like watching videos or remote playing that it wants to shut off so I have to put it in a glass of ice water to cool it down. For some reason the model I have did not have Wi-Fi calling as a feature. I contacted Sony and I updated the software via PC & USB method, this did not fix any of the overheating problems I am having. I have had the phone for less than a week in the bottom half of the touch screen has began to malfunction. When the phone works it's fantastic the screen is great the camera features are awesome but it barely lasted a week. I bought it brand new. Sony told me they could not help me because they said the phone was stolen which is not true. I'm going back to my Samsung or Motorola phones which is too bad because I really wanted to like this phone there is a lot of great things about it

  • Alba

Best phone I ever had and I had a few, great battery, great display. Will never buy a crappy Samsung again.

  • anonymous

Uz, 27 Jun 2019Am trying to make a choice between this phone and Samsung g... moreDon't buy xperia z3 i had this phone 3 years ago
-- CPU overheats(snapdragon801 issue)
-- Battery is too short
-- Home button build quality is cheap

  • KeBOT

anonymous, 13 Feb 2019what good stable roms would be recommended? Carbon rom 6 for oreo

Uz, 27 Jun 2019Am trying to make a choice between this phone and Samsung g... moreSamsung S7 Edge. More Battery capacity, More RAM, better Camera, Better Display and updated OS (8.0).

  • Uz

Am trying to make a choice between this phone and Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dobre

Thank you all. You guys rock.

I have this phone for one yer now bought him for second hand
So pros are
Still good looking but maybe outdated desing
Very good screen good colors, sharp,movies looks amazing on this screen in my opinion still in pair with any newer midranger
Great baterry, I have almost 5 hours sot with 4g network and battery is more than 4 years old, superb battery one off best batterys ever produced
One off the best sound quality i ever heard, song on earphones sounds amazing
No slowing down in speed every day is the same speed off opening apps and others like first day
Still can play demanding games like asphalt real racing 3 darknes rises on higer settings and pubg on lower settings
Camera is very good on sunny days

Speakers are to low in volume
Top speaker are producing cracling sound when music is put on 100% but not to much on 80
Screen has develop white spots only seen on grey or white background
He is slipi, build quality is good but to soft so he needs case or protection
Camera is bad in low light
Somtimes overheats on demanding games and opening web pages
Scrolling is sometimes stucking but mostly in g play store and chrome
Not good reception off 3g signal but 4g works very good
Overal i can recomend this phone if somebody can buy this for cheap, and this phone needs case and protection because it fall out of pocket very easy
Good phone

Neske036, 06 Mar 2019I had the phone for exactly 2.5 years. Here's what I think ... moreInteresting my z3 do not overheats on youtube almost at all! And i watching 720P videos on 4g. Only sometimes on demanding games and when i opening web pages to quickly.