Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3

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  • vGV
  • 09 Aug 2014

very nice specs

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    • KMR
    • ij7
    • 08 Aug 2014

    Duel sim needed

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      • souvlakis
      • LHj
      • 08 Aug 2014

      removable battery is a must. Manufactures must understand this. Size is not as important as the ability to remove battery!

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        • AnonD-279350
        • 0Fq
        • 07 Aug 2014

        Somewhere i saw this phone design. For me it looks terrible

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          • Johny
          • Kht
          • 06 Aug 2014

          Non-removable Battery is useless.. Kindly change back to removable Battery concept.

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            • Tom
            • MFX
            • 05 Aug 2014

            Hmph, doesn't really seem a reason to wait for Z3, seeing that it would be just a Z2 with a higher price tag.

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              • riz
              • MQL
              • 05 Aug 2014

              what about battery life, heard that there is no battery and once not charging has to be thrown can't be repaired

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                • AnonD-286666
                • fuN
                • 05 Aug 2014

                If the ratio of the length and width is attractive to me,then I will buy the phone.

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                  • es
                  • HIi
                  • 05 Aug 2014

                  erorr is 2.4ghz/////////3ghz property......

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 2SL
                    • 05 Aug 2014

                    it has snapdragon 805 at 2.7ghz
                    camera is 20.7 but with wide lens and other tweaks,not sure about the flash,i think its xenon flash,inert area around screen has been cut off almost completely so size is significantly smaller than z2 having screen of the same size
                    frame is new,screen resolution is different too

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                      • AnonD-100615
                      • uCj
                      • 04 Aug 2014

                      what is the different to z2 ??

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                        • AnonD-209094
                        • Kg{
                        • 04 Aug 2014

                        AnonD-154828, 03 Aug 2014Don't get your hopes up too high. I doubt Z3 will come with... moreThats ridiculous, Z2 was an enormous upgrade from Z1. Even many Xperia fans will admit that Z1 was a bad and downright ridiculous phone with horrible battery and weird display, both of which are 3 times better in Z2, the upgrade to 3GB RAM is significant as well.

                          • K
                          • Katkot
                          • JL9
                          • 04 Aug 2014

                          This phone has exact features as Sony experia z2

                          I don't see any new features in z3 comparing to z2 ?

                          Sony shouldn't release z3 unless it has octa core and 4 GB ram otherwise this phone is z2

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • 3bm
                            • 03 Aug 2014

                            New sony z3 need to have Snapdragon 805, what is this joke

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                              • AnonD-154828
                              • vm5
                              • 03 Aug 2014

                              AnonD-128577, 02 Aug 2014C'mon sony, don't be like iPhone releasing same stuff over ... moreDon't get your hopes up too high. I doubt Z3 will come with anything spectacular. Probably just a boost in CPU, CPU, and battery (maybe). Otherwise it's going to be a mediocre upgrade from the Z2 which was a minor upgrade from the Z1 and so on...

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                                • andi
                                • 61U
                                • 03 Aug 2014

                                AnonD-42860, 02 Aug 2014Can anybody help me out with the aperture problem i.e small... moreMore tiny sensor size more better 😀😅

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                                  • sharif.magdy
                                  • Nqj
                                  • 02 Aug 2014

                                  AnonD-42860, 02 Aug 2014Can anybody help me out with the aperture problem i.e small... moreThe number of the aperture refers to the light a lens can allow and if the number is big; I.e f8 this means the lens can allow less light and longer depth of field, while small f.number like 2.2 or 1.8 this means the lens can allow a greater amount of light which is definitely better especially for dark scenes and it also makes a nice bouquet effect for portrait shots. If you are making a comparison between two cameras, just go with the one with SMALLER F.number.

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                                    • AnonD-262981
                                    • q}0
                                    • 02 Aug 2014

                                    f/1.2 is better than f/2.2 A smaller number means the aperture opens wide and allows more light to fall on the sensor. Useful in low light situations and also for taking photos with shallow DoF(Depth of Field) where everything is blurry except the one in focus.

                                    I wouldn't decide to buy a phone based on camera aperture opening. The sensors on phones are very tiny and can't be compared with a real digital camera.

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                                      • AnonD-42860
                                      • 6PU
                                      • 02 Aug 2014

                                      Can anybody help me out with the aperture problem i.e smaller the better or greater one is the better one?
                                      e.g f/2.2 is better or f/1.2 is better?
                                      More Plz can you tell me by checking specs that which ones camera is better samsung galaxy F or galaxy note 4?

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                                        • AnonD-128577
                                        • ibq
                                        • 02 Aug 2014

                                        C'mon sony, don't be like iPhone releasing same stuff over the years.... im looking forward to
                                        -Snapdragon 805 chip (energy efficient)
                                        -Larger battery
                                        -Slimmer form factor (almost bezeless)
                                        -Much improved optics for camera (megapixel race is over)
                                        -Improved interface and UI

                                        WHO AGREES?