Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

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  • tk

I am waiting for this phone like for the second coming of christ. I am so happy that at least one phone brand realized that there is a niche out there, customers who want a powerful phone without needing a backpack to carry it around.

  • Ria_14

AJ, 09 Aug 2014Seriously, whats the point of releasing a "compact/min... moreMaybe because iPhone has been the standard of mini/compact phones and Apple will start producing phones with 4.70 inches display.
Well this is just my theory.

  • AJ

Seriously, whats the point of releasing a "compact/mini" version with 4.6inch screen? IMO compact/mini phones s'd never be any bigger than 4.3inch, 4inch s'd be the standard.

  • StealthLemming

its a phone, in another couple of months there will be another phone out. if it makes/receive calls then by definition its a phone, anything more is a bonus!!!

  • AnonD-286666

For me,if the design is attractive to me when it is released,that is ok for me.One major reason that make Z2 not to be attractive is the ratio of the length and width,which does not attract attension at first site.

  • Anonymous

Why it only records video at 1080p 30fps?
The z3 compact should be same as the z3 just smaller size.
At least 1080p 60fps is mandatory.
Allso the battery shoeld be a lot better than the one of the z1 compact(minimum 2500 mah).
If they don't make it happen than z3 compact will be a failure.
Ps:Snapdragon 805 should be the chipset even though Snapdragon 801 seems good enough.

  • AnonD-209094

I have ruled out iPhone 6 due to the terrible length, its longer than many 5 inch phones, thats a big fat dealbreaker for me. Now i hope Z3 Compact will not be more than 130mm long, if its more they should drop the Compact moniker all together. Every single phone that came out in 2014 has so far been nothing but disappointing, Z3 Compact is the last best hope for buying a new phone this year.

  • AnonD-165220

have a adual sim version too....

  • AnonD-272496

make it compact in size, nothing more...

  • Dodo

Yes, YOU CAN !
Come on Sony...make Z3 Compact with all the features and specs of Z3, only smaller. A lot of people will buy it just because the smaller size.
I hope it will have 720p@120fps and 4K recording, otherwise I will buy Z2, despite the bigger size.

  • Eiman Badr

The upgrade are not much if we want to call it Z3 Compact.. Why don't Sony give a 2560 x 1440 resolution.. Better Snapdragon 805 or 808.. Maybe to Z4 Compact specs.. Well, what i'm thinking is, it just a marketing strategies.. Sony love it, but to user, we'll have to wait if we want to upgrade our Z1 Compact.. Still love the little devil..

  • AnonD-90297

sony xperia p2

  • z1 compact user

z3c over z1c.

4.6" screen 1080p.
3gb ram.
stereo speakers.

4.3" screen 720p.
2gb ram.
mono speaker.

I dont think ill upgrade myself with z3 compact. iam happy with Z1 compact. and those who think that a 20.7 mp cam will do wonders, a big sorry for them. iam using a 20.7mp cam of z1compact, believe me the picture quality is just same as of 8mp cam of any nokia phone. though video quality is awesome and its full hd.

  • YakuzaEye

Wow.. iphone 6, z3 compact or moto x+1.. hope z3 compact had a dual stereo speaker.. 😁

  • AnonD-183005

definetly will be a hit