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Sony Xperia Z5

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  • AnonD-122669

I am a little disappointed with Color offered with Z5 devices. Black & white phones have whole phone covered in that color. Whereas other colors like Gold or Red don't have front side in that color. Front comes mostly in black while back & side comes in the other color.
I woud love to see purple/violet model like original Z as well.

  • Anonymous

anu97awesome, 10 Nov 2015Samsung is spoiling the brains of people. Today myself and my fr... moreYour friend just made a decision he/she won't regret.

  • Anonymous

Erkohs, 11 Nov 2015Which one is better, iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia Z5?Definitely z5

  • jack

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015Check your display settings and battery stamina mode and one mor... moredisply brightness is auto ..its damage battery life?

  • ramesh

got the z5 dual in india some days back...what a phone!!!!!!.the camera is freaking awesome...just remember guys in superior auto mode keep photo size at 8mp and allow the phone to oversample 23mp to 8mp thus providing details and dynamic range that put my friends s6 to shame.its the best camera on planet.period.the dual speakers provide an immersive experience.and in noisy roads of kolkata-the noise cancelling headsets with dsee hx provide audio experience that shuts you from the outside world making the walk from the office a delectable joy.amazing stuff.and i am really amazed this phone doesnt heat advice to those on the fence regarding getting a z5-go for lasts 1.5 to 2 days on a charge on normal usage....ditching i-phone forever..

Ok I have touched the Z5 but it was off because the chargers at the shop had issues at that area. Z5 is sharp at the front and back. The edges around the glass panels extend from the device. it's not that noticeable but if you drop it the glass won't come in contact with the surface. For my hands it's the perfect size, I liked the mat glass on the back but not so much.. my friend said it seems a fake phone. I wouldn't mind a glossy finish like the premium models have, but ultimately it makes the device a hell lot less fingerprint magnet. You can't leave any fingerprints on it with dry hands.

Overall the design didn't impress me, but it seemed a lot more durable than Z3 because of the edges. I'll get it as soon as the price drops a bit, 769e is too much for a mobile phone.

  • Jricky10

I would rather have a Motorola m3888 than an iPhone.6

  • Anonymous

AnonD-156765, 12 Nov 2015Sony xperia z5 better then samsung galaxy s6Totally agree Z5 is Beast champion

  • AnonD-331984

AnonD-391800, 11 Nov 2015Wouldnt call it "using money" but "using bribery&... moreYeah, testify!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015Do both sims work simultaneously? both on 4G? any issues with si... moreyes both Sims work simultaneously -its ALL TIME DUAL SIM ACTIVE PHONE.I MEAN IN Z5 DUAL YOU GET THESE FEATURES-
1.IN BOTH SIM 1 AND SIM 2-u can choose 4g lte.4g IS NOT LIMITED TO SIM 1 ONLY.BOTH SIMS CAN CONNECT TO 4G LTE.I have only a airtel 4g sim-so I swapped on both sim holders-and speed on sim 2 is as fast as sim 1.this is very welcome can get calls from both Sims any need to disable or anything.btw-samsung has such poor features in s5 duos??

  • AnonD-156765

I have gold color

  • AnonD-156765

Sony's first flagship phone with dual sim

  • AnonD-156765

Sony xperia z5 better then samsung galaxy s6

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2015in my Xperia z5 dual, already has well calibrated display!BUT,if... moreDo both sims work simultaneously? both on 4G? any issues with signals? (my S5 Duos shows full signal but doesn't allow calls unless I disable my second sim!).

Eyeing a Sony this time in hope of better bugs...

AnonD-391800, 11 Nov 2015And the reason why slammyfan trolls here have all the benefits..... morethat's right.. spread the word

  • Anonymous

Erkohs, 11 Nov 2015Which one is better, iPhone 6 or Sony Xperia Z5?iphone 6

  • AnonD-94604

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015Yes right samsung use money for marketingSony uses dried leaves for marketing, thats why they dont get good review.. hihi.

Ofcourse they also use money...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2015Hi guys! Can you, please, help me decide which phone should I b... moreget a z5...its 100 times better than iphone 6 in everything... z5 has better display, better battery life and size, bigger ram,louder speaker,waterproof nature, sd card... and dxomark has rated z5 camera as number 1 and iphone 6s as number 10(both iphone 6 and 6s are ranked 10) you know which one to buy!

  • Jack

AnonD-124236, 11 Nov 2015Just turn on the Stamina mode under the Power Management tab and... moreThankyou ill try

  • AnonD-124236

Jack, 11 Nov 2015I bought new z5 yesterday. Nice to use and awesome performance..... moreJust turn on the Stamina mode under the Power Management tab and let it do the work of managing your battery...