Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • M car fan

I love my Z5 compact. I purchased it shortly after it was announced and it's treated me well ever since. Particularly I like the size, the simple design and peripherals. The only thing I wish it had was dual sim card slots. Someday I'll upgrade, but I'll miss the powerful small phone with a 3.5mm audio jack, SD card slot, fm radio, and perfect side placement of the unlock button. This is such a well designed phone.

  • Anonymous

Aden redhood, 14 May 2020Is it worth upgrading to Sony x compact?You should probably get an xz2 compact of you want to upgrade.. The X compact isn't much of an upgrade. You may not like the 5 inch screen size, but with the smaller bezels, the body size is the same.

  • v123

Yes, i really miss those compat sonys. Exept the camera which can be really disappointing.

  • Aden redhood

Is it worth upgrading to Sony x compact?

Good phone

  • Jonsson

Ob, 28 Mar 2020Still using this phone. It is 4 years old now and working l... moreYou should. I had this Z5c before, and this (S10e) is a perfect upgrade.

BUT... only thing I miss about Z5c is the great camera.


  • Alex P.

I use Z5 Compact for 1 month. I had Z3 Compact before. I use it on the stock firmware 5.1.1.

Pros: Better reception from Z3 Compact but not as great as iPhone 6S for example.
Waterproof. Has a radio. Same as Z3 Compact the performance is very well on the original firmware. Battery holds a good charge very well. Power management/usage is balanced very well.

Minor issues: Overheat a lot when using WhatsApp or Viber.
Major turn-offs: Often disconnects from Blue Tooth when receiving incoming call. The camera quality taking macro-pictures is NOT acceptable. At all. All blury.

  • Jonny Ringo

Ob, 28 Mar 2020Still using this phone. It is 4 years old now and working l... moreI'm still also using this phone after 4 years, its the best phone I have ever had, now my speaker is starting to go, so its really hard for people to hear me on the phone so Ive been using headphones to make calls, I am struggling to find something to replace this decent little phone.

  • Ob

Still using this phone. It is 4 years old now and working like the first day. Thinking of upgrading to Galaxy S10E and retireing the best phone ever Z5c

  • Compact

Sony, make another one of this size, please. There are still people who do not want to carry around tablets in their pockets.

  • Constantin

i use z5 compact and i think it is the best choice for a compact smatphone. Thanks sony

  • Anonymous

Blackscreen/Screen Freeze a recurring issue. Would have avoided this phone had i known about this common issue before purchasing.

  • SrjIndian

I have been using z5 compact for past 3 years. This is a nice little phone. Some pros include, good dust & water proof protection even after rough use. I am working in a construction site. It have fall down few times.
Good camera for vdo and photos.
Glove mode
And many more

Cons include

Over heating
Not so good battery
Problem with usb cable connection

  • Anonymous

Using Cisco Anyconnect all time without problem. So vpn works.

  • Anonymous

JdhJdh, 09 Feb 2019Extremely fragile screen and back casing. I have had three ... moreI just put a screen protector on it and a decent back case, and it is one of the most robust phones you will find.

  • YourTru

Bad phone, 17 Aug 2019This phone won't let me uses 3rd party vpn from playstore. JunkOr maybe it's because you don't know how to use VPNs.

  • Bad phone

This phone won't let me uses 3rd party vpn from playstore. Junk

  • DJF

Been using this since a year after launch and I have learned that anything that involves a bit of processing or the AC Wifi will make the phone heat up so I stick with N wifi and not play games too frequently or have too many apps installed. Streaming videos or playing videos is just fine. The battery charges and discharges just fine.
I think this phone is possibly one of the better in the smaller SONY footprint range of phones and still makes and recieves calls just fine. I'm still looking for a reason to upgrade and currently there is none.

  • anonymous

Honestly I don't understand what users mean by overheating? Overheating happens to most phones, depending on how you use and how you define overheat. It's not unbearable that you can't even hold the phone. Even while charging, samsung, htc, all other brands do experience some kind of heat/warm and even more so when you have a case on. My laptop overheat too. I have been using Z3, Z3 compact, z5 and till today the Z5 compact for past 3years and this phone never fail me, Of coz I do experience some heat at times especially when recording videos other than that even while on charging there's very little heat emitted. This is a little beast which performs well, fluid and fast. Ringtones are loud and audible. To me it's a "POCKET HERCULES" and I find the size very comfortable. One of the best maybe even as good as some latest phones in the market.

  • nm

Aspros, 29 Nov 2015So many hyppocrites... They say this phone has big bazels,... moreOverheating is a very common and annoying problem with these phones!!!