Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • Anonymous

Using Cisco Anyconnect all time without problem. So vpn works.

  • Anonymous

JdhJdh, 09 Feb 2019Extremely fragile screen and back casing. I have had three Xperi... moreI just put a screen protector on it and a decent back case, and it is one of the most robust phones you will find.

  • YourTru

Bad phone, 17 Aug 2019This phone won't let me uses 3rd party vpn from playstore. JunkOr maybe it's because you don't know how to use VPNs.

  • Bad phone

This phone won't let me uses 3rd party vpn from playstore. Junk

  • DJF

Been using this since a year after launch and I have learned that anything that involves a bit of processing or the AC Wifi will make the phone heat up so I stick with N wifi and not play games too frequently or have too many apps installed. Streaming videos or playing videos is just fine. The battery charges and discharges just fine.
I think this phone is possibly one of the better in the smaller SONY footprint range of phones and still makes and recieves calls just fine. I'm still looking for a reason to upgrade and currently there is none.

  • anonymous

Honestly I don't understand what users mean by overheating? Overheating happens to most phones, depending on how you use and how you define overheat. It's not unbearable that you can't even hold the phone. Even while charging, samsung, htc, all other brands do experience some kind of heat/warm and even more so when you have a case on. My laptop overheat too. I have been using Z3, Z3 compact, z5 and till today the Z5 compact for past 3years and this phone never fail me, Of coz I do experience some heat at times especially when recording videos other than that even while on charging there's very little heat emitted. This is a little beast which performs well, fluid and fast. Ringtones are loud and audible. To me it's a "POCKET HERCULES" and I find the size very comfortable. One of the best maybe even as good as some latest phones in the market.

  • nm

Aspros, 29 Nov 2015So many hyppocrites... They say this phone has big bazels, when... moreOverheating is a very common and annoying problem with these phones!!!

  • nosonyever

Not water proof phone. Won't buy Sony ever.

Jack, 17 May 2019This phone is still great. It has heat issues but I could reduce... moreHeat issues are typically caused by an overactive CPU, not battery.

To reduce heat, reduce number of apps running on phone.

Try (1) uninstall or disable bloatware including Google or Sony apps or your own apps and replace with 'lite' versions that make fewer demands on the hardware (2) tweak all app settings, including system apps if you know what you are doing, to stop them running in background, using data, constantly 'sync-ing' content, or otherwise putting unnecessary demands on cpu (3) install optimisation apps like Greenify that allow you to 'hibernate' apps to stop them running when not actually needed (4) install a vpn or dns switching app like blokada, orbot, protonVPN or DNS Switcher to stop installed apps (especially 'free' apps that use advertising or data collection to generate income) from constantly draining battery, overheating cpu, and using up data bandwidth. (5) You only need one optimisation app or one VPN. Do not install many different apps to fix your problem or they become the problem themselves.

I buy and refurbish old phones for sale. I see many, many phones sold as 'broken' and 'always getting hot' etc that have about 10 battery saver apps on them, all 'free', all running down the battery and overheating the cpu, 50 'free' games, a dozen 'free' social media apps - you name it. I can often fix these 'broken' phones just by uninstalling the crud and tweaking the settings on the remaining essential apps. You can help yourself by doing the same ;-)

Bought second-hand from ebay for £35. Had smashed battery cover. Replaced with new cover I bought for £6. Now in perfect condition.

I never use Google, tried to remove Gapps. Was unsuccessful. OEM lock unlockable. Could not root. Unable to install custom recovery or custom ROM. Had to compromise and just (1) not create Google account at set-up (2) disable all Gapps, useless Sony bloatware, and silence alerts (3) install ethical alternative apps (4) install Blokada app to stop remaining Google/Sony background activity from streaming data and to stop advertising infecting phone (5) install Asus launcher to use option to hide useless apps such as unused keyboard, clock, calculator etc (6) installed cute Sony Toucan theme - I admit I like this so much I decided not to resell the refurbished phone. What a difference cute graphics make! (I also own a Sony E1 running Android 4, KitKat - and the only reason is so I can play a favourite app which only works on KitKat but the phone only cost £9.99 so I think I can be excused.)

Once Google activity is minimised, and Sony bloatware, this older phone (Android 7.1.1, nougat) is still very nippy. It gives good audio and video playback. Decent photos and video clips. Fast internet via wifi or data. And is a pleasant to handle, small, low weight, handy phone, convenient to carry in a pocket on hot days when you do not want to be lumbered with a bag just to carry about a bigger phone. I call it my 'summer phone'.

After tweaking, with a few extra child-safe blocks installed, this could be an ideal first phone for a child - fits their smaller hands better. Or with age-related tweaks e.g. to increase font size, eliminate themes with poor contrast etc, a good phone for an older person - low weight so easier to hold in older hands. Or a daily phone, for all users, if you do not need a large screen for reading documents or playing games.

If you pay anything up to £50 you are getting a stunning bargain. Anything up to £125 is reasonable. Anything more, you are over-paying even for a new device. Of course, there are people who refuse to learn about technology and just buy blind and they will no doubt pay the higher price out of vanity. 'If I paid more, it must be a better phone.' One born every second ;-) Don't be that person!

  • awngersx

did somone try using sony xperia companion on pc developer preview mode what verision you get?

  • Jack

This phone is still great. It has heat issues but I could reduce heat using built-in Stamina mode. Find Stamina mode in this phone's setting. It will reduce CPU usage and your Z5 compact will be alright. I think this phone has the best exterior design ever.

  • De

Dean F, 01 Oct 2018I have 2 z5c, one black (mine), one white (wife's) we both neve... moreWhat is your android version?

  • Xharjeel

Dean F, 01 Oct 2018I have 2 z5c, one black (mine), one white (wife's) we both neve... moreAlso got the NTT DOCOMO version
its perfect and very powerful

  • FKAM

Using this phone in 2019. For standard usage, such as calls, emails, watching films and web browsing, it's fine. I had overheating issues out of the box with android 7.0, however after some tweaking and updating the phone all the way to 7.1.1 with the latest Xperia update, it now runs smoothly.

I've not tried any games because I just don't like mobile games. I assume gamers won't have a good time with this device.

  • Am

Goose, 06 Jul 2018If you have the time, technical skills and don't mind a decline ... moreDude... Yes 2gb ram but it is DDR4 for 2015 phone, it is superb only latest app eat to much ram.
I can play pubgM smoothly without any lag(android 5).

  • Am

mus94, 06 Jan 2019hi,how about heating problems?, i planned to buy it for whatapp,... moreBuy it, it is one of a good phone.
Just make sure you use android 6.0.1.
The cons of this version cannot run pubgM smoothly.
It will heat to much and game became laggy and freeze.
If you want to play PUBGm make sure to use android 5.
Smooth although got some heat to but no lag or freeze.
Android 7?, stay away from this version. Heat, lag, warm always but many features.
Just share my opinion buddy.
Hope this help.

  • Anonymous

mus94, 06 Jan 2019hi,how about heating problems?, i planned to buy it for whatapp,... moreIf used only for Whats app, FB n Instagram, should be no problems. I also using this phone as my 2nd phone for social media and private contact

  • JdhJdh

Extremely fragile screen and back casing. I have had three Xperia Compacts and although I feel they are a full featured medium to high end phone, they can shatter on just a short fall off a table. I have been a Sony Ericsson fan and loved the Active and the Go. These were waterproof extremely impact resistant compact phones. My XZ5C and XZ1C Shattered with hardly any impact. A great compact size but I cannot recommend.

  • Anonymous

mus94, 06 Jan 2019hi,how about heating problems?, i planned to buy it for whatapp,... moreNah, it doesnt heatup that much with messaging apps unless you run intensive gaming or camera recording.