Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • Anonymous

Z5 is also a water proof??

  • Raghu

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2016Sony xperia z5c or samsung s6 edge??z5c is the best. Look at the price, the features at that price, the camera quality and battery life. Z5C beats Iphone on all these fronts.

  • Lalu

noob, 20 Aug 2016which better, Sony Z5C or Iphone 5S? I really want to change my ... moreI used Iphone 5S. And it is so much irritating. The options button is hard to find, the OS is horribly designed. Android is much user friendly. Poor camera quality. Battery time is absolutely horrible. If i use the iphone a bit more during the day, then i have to recharge it around 9 pm before the juice runs out each day. The positive of Iphone 5s is the slim metallic body and no jerks.

  • Varners

My WiFi switches of and aeroplane mode comes on automatically for no reason. Can anyone explain this?

  • Jaime

the phone is excellent, but the screen and camera lens can be scratched easily, unlike the CG before, just installed tempered glass and camera lens protector last night and noticed the disappointing marks :( should've put tempered glassed when its still brand new.

Never doubted to purchase 2nd z5c for my GF :)

  • AnonD-585519

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2016I have had this phone for about six months now. I would have tho... moreHi, would you recommend getting a glass protector for the back as well. Thanks in advance.

  • Andy Belfast

Im a former iphone user (3g to 6 models) aswell as former sony z3 owner so fair experience. The z5 compact is up there with the best. Pretty heavy user, music, video etc and have always found the z5c able to cope. Occasionally the phone will get quite warm if i am multitasking and has once or twice reset itself - this is a year of usage. Battery is good and the phone is very quick. After using samsung, motorola etc android versions i also have found Sonys customisation of android IMO the easiest to use.

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for about six months now. I would have thought by now that Sony would have released a successor and that I would be experiencing some FOMO. This, however, is not the case with the X Compact getting the 650 SoC instead of the 820. Therefore, hands down, this is still the best compact phone on the market. There are a lot of stupid comments on here complaining about how hot the phone gets. GET RID OF THE BULKY CASE and BUY A TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR. This will not only solve a lot of the overheating issues but will look great too!

Also, do yourself a favor and buy an unlocked version. It really is worth it. The software updates are much faster (if your carrier even pushes one at all). I have been running Android 6.0.1 for a while now. And Sony has already announced the Z5c will get Nougat, so this phone is still a flagship device despite being a year old.

  • ZeBerga

Optional nickname, 13 Sep 2016One of the worst phones ever... Software wise is ok but manufact... moreOr maybe it's yours that's defective. All the problems you say never happened to me, only the "heating problem" which is expected if you are recording at 4K in the Summer. Even then it doesn't get that hot.

  • Sne

@Fade you should click onto your battery setting and disable the whether app

  • Optional nickname

One of the worst phones ever... Software wise is ok but manufacturing process have so many flaws, screen tends to unglue, it heats up so much(some don't have this problem) screen go yellow overtime(on the sides again some don't have this issue) it is not waterproof or water resistant(that is how i lost my device) well apart form factor and almost stock Android there is nothing worthy on this phone, even battery life is bad. I didn't believe comments before i bought this phone so i do not expect others to take them seriously but i have to give my experience. I will never again buy sony phone. There is so much bad to say about this phone... Be wise.

  • Fade.

Any tips for what I should do. Recently my phone has started to heat up alot. In every task I do. It drains the battery so much sometimes that it sucks the battery faster than the inbox charger charges it. It happens when I'm browsing the net. Gaming etc. Sometimes though it does it less than other days. Also some of my headphones don't work. I have tried the repair in xperia companion and it didn't work, Should I try it again?

  • AnonD-583407

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2016Useless phone. Massive disappointment for me when I am on a call... moreYou have to avoid holding the phone in a way that blocks the proximity sensor. That sensor switches the backlight off when you put the phone to your ear, so if you hover your finger anywhere near it, when on a call, the screen goes blank!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-582176, 08 Sep 2016Overheating like a hell when I play pokemon go in just 15 minute... moreUseless phone. Massive disappointment for me when I am on a call and need to switch to loudspeaker or look for a contact it stays pitch black on the screen and everything I press doesnt work to get the light on until the call is over

  • Anonymous be honest it is a good mobile have been using it from 5 months...however, do not expect it to be over the gives good battery backup my goes for 2 days with gaming and mobile in day light is awesome and in night it above average...all in all it is far better than Iphone 6s if you compare the price and features.

  • AnonD-582176

Overheating like a hell when I play pokemon go in just 15 minutes and battery drain faster 40% to 50% in just 1 hour in pokemon go except for that issue it's still d best phone for me just change my 3 yrs old Xperia zr for this z5c

  • broki

FlAatlantis, 06 Sep 2016I have used it for about 2 months, the reason I choose this phon... more2 hours of gaming? That's insane for any phone to handle without overheating. I would say the Z5c has no overheating problems. Rather, it's users that have unrealistic expectations. I would be happy to game 2 hours on ANY phone w/o having to give my device and hands a break. :)

Usually, I expect to game half an hour, an hour at best, before a small ventilation pause.

  • broki

Been using the phone for two months and it has been a blast. Overheating only happens if you push the device for a long time, which is completely normal.

Everything works fast. All features work well. Best android phone I have ever had, which was a humongous surprise to me after all the issues I had with Z1.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants the BEST small Android phone on the market, if you can get it from a respectable retailer. There is literally no other phone @ this size that is better right now. A fact.

  • lgilbert50

Had mine now for 6 months and I love it, fast, reliable and a quite capable phone. Only con is that it froze three times and had to reboot, quite sure it's some software problem. overall quite happy with it.

  • Alex

Used for 2 months. Heating almost all the time, low battery performance regarding phone form factor (much less then Xperia Z3 Compact), nice camera.