Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • AnonD-509514

Sony Z5c or Samsung S6?
Need good picture quality and good battery life, no heavy user, just instagram and internet.

  • AnonD-510256

AnonD-510050, 03 Mar 2016so... you didn't face any "LAG" problems with Z5C ?of course , but after 4,5 hours using , mutiltasking , heavy gaming , it become a little "slow" . By the way , it tend get warm by heavy user , not "heating" like rumors.

  • Z5C

nuff said,
this phone is beast, i bought this phone last week,
and i dont face any problem at all.

  • AnonD-510050

AnonD-510256, 03 Mar 2016sure about it , but not much different , forget about snap 810 "... moreso...
you didn't face any "LAG" problems with Z5C ?

  • AnonD-510256

AnonD-510050, 02 Mar 2016Hi guys... I am a Z3 Compact user and i know about the "heating... moresure about it , but not much different , forget about snap 810 "heating stuff ,blap blap" . You will satisfied with this 4.6' monster.

  • MarkM

I am due for a upgrade. I am a Sony fan. I have had at least 3 Sony units and Sony Erickson phones. With Iphone 6 plus, Samsung I just dont know what to choose. Any advise?

  • AnonD-510050

Hi guys...
I am a Z3 Compact user and i know about the "heating" stuff but it's normal to me but my question is...DOES THIS PHONE HAS LAG MORE THAN Z3 Compact ??

cuz my phone is broke...the water got inside and my warranty got expired so the main board is OUT !! it cost around 350 us dollar so...

does Z5 Compact has LAG more than Z3 Compact ??

please respond ! (Specially he people who changed from z3c to z5c)

  • veegee

AnonD-501509, 02 Mar 2016Pardon, how can PC companion cure the uncomfortable heat? If you feel it warm, warmer and so, you feel it hot. I am an average user, not feeling heat issues. I dont say, its perfect in all sense. For that matter no mobile is perfect. Its better than the Iphon 6s. Those who can complain, they will go on with it without being want to compromise.

  • AnonD-501509

Gerry, 01 Mar 2016Use the PC Companion, did it myself, worked like a dreamPardon, how can PC companion cure the uncomfortable heat?

  • AnonD-122669

Damu Yadav , 27 Feb 2016I agree.. Dude i've searched all the Sony showrooms nearby and o... moreZ5Compact will not be launched in India as Indians are crazy about big screens & even Z3Compact got bad reception according people from Sony Stores.
Now, that X series is launched, noway sony will release old phone in india.
I have bought Z3Compact finally & am happy with it.

  • AnonD-509655

Good phone in theory but the Sony software massively complicated, endless bloatware and unidentified fault with ringtone going silent. It also managed to lose my pin code, locked me out and then deleted not only all my settings but ALL my pictures and music on the SD card.
This phone should be good but has caused so much grief

  • Gerry

AnonD-501509, 16 Feb 2016I agree with abnormal heat and lag (because Z5 compact has low c... moreUse the PC Companion, did it myself, worked like a dream

  • veegee

zatsa, 28 Feb 2016can u tell from where you bought it? i searched everywhere but n... moreI bought it in Sharjah, UAE.

  • zatsa

Napi, 26 Feb 2016I bought z5c device last month ago. Everything is good and smoot... morecan u tell from where you bought it? i searched everywhere but no luck.


5 days i bought Z5C. Absoloutely a little beast. I am very happy. No abonomral heating issues. Heavy game use may find it difficult. Yes it do become hot, but normal. And then i intalled Cooler Master, it works well, its now a cool LITTLE BEAST !!!

  • Damu Yadav

AnonD-122669, 09 Feb 2016I am tired of waiting for Z5Compact to be released in India. The... moreI agree.. Dude i've searched all the Sony showrooms nearby and out of my city... They are not aware of this z5c beast.... I already own a z3c which is a awesome flagship mobile... Only things which I don't like about z3c is side flip cover for charging and so much finger impressions.. But z5c is seems to be taken care of those cons... Those who look for decent battery good screen decent camera, good gaming experience, waterproofing all in one compact flagship then they should go for z5c.... I'm eagerly waiting for this mobile to get officially launched in India... I ve been waiting since November 2015... The new Xperia x series are out now I'm worried that this z5c may not release in India... And I'm not ready to buy this from eBay dealers.... No other online purchasers like flipkart Amazon snapdeal has this product.. . I request on behalf all compact lovers in India to launch this z5c soon

  • Napi

I bought z5c device last month ago. Everything is good and smooth. A few lag but it's normal for android which will never free from lag. Because they are open source kind of system which allowing third party system get access to your phone system. Z5c Camera is the best i must say. The quality is super fine and sharp especially on daylight but its slowmo effect not fine as iphone. The result for time lapse during sunset & sunrise was pretty amazing with 120fps. Gaming experience is super amazing, it can run advanced graphic games smoothly but it can be freeze when device is overheating after 4-5 hours of playing. Battery is superb. I love its fast charging 2.0 although you can get that technology in most of latest phone model. But you must pair it with fast charger 2.0 (output:5v/2.1A) in order to make ur phone compatible with fast charging mode. Within 1 hour i can charge from 0 to 70%. I can save my time. What I hate the most on this device is it's super fucking fragile & low quality finishing! easily to slip and hardly to grip because of its boring square thin box shaped. My phone had fall from like 50 cm from the concrete floor and it left lots of scratch on its body (4 sides scracth in one crash). That was horrible and disapointing moment. Please wear your phone with cover ALL THE TIME. I don't know why sony keep on using same concept for its design. Square thin box shaped on almost all of their design. I hardly to identify what are the differences between sony models. People don't even care if you own this smart compact device bacause its boring lame & same design (only colour is the pros) and they thought it is just sony phone. You are not getting good branding value, sony. But thank you sony for some efforts to change few of it. My rating is 4/5

  • AnonD-506224

Trees, 17 Feb 2016I've bought this Z5 Compact about 2 months ago. I really satisf... morehii..can you give me some notes about Z3c
advantages and disadvantages.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-501509, 16 Feb 2016I really regret bought this phone because : 1. I cannot recover... moreI think the time to install apps compared to your z1 is because of the new android version. It's slower to install since 5.0 I think.

  • nzone

compactphoneseeker, 03 Feb 2016The best attractive features of this phone is the compact size o... morewell there you have it, the Xperia X line. finally someone whose expectation match to the series.