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  • Anonymous

AnonD-434597, 22 Nov 2015Z5P can switch between FHD and UHD in ease??? Nah, words like... moreYou're the one who is misinformed here. Z5p can switch between UHD and FHD easily. Normally when you change resolution in your PC, the screen goes blank and it comes back on after 3 seconds or something. In the Z5P, when you are watching a 4K video and suddenly quit it, the resolution automatically changes to FHD without slowing down your phone
Read this;
"When we force the smartphone into 1080p resolution, we're making it put 2 million pixels in a room for 3.7 million pixels. This means the graphics unit has to stretch those 2m pixels into occupying space for 3.6m pixels, or the picture will look wonky. This technique is called interpolation, and is known to cause the image quality to degrade. Here's why - when the LG G3 is set to 1440x2560, each of the 3.7 million pixels it outputs takes exactly one pixel from its screen. That's a perfect 1-to-1 match. But when we change the resolution to 1080p, each pixel will be stretched into 2 pixels or more, and we'll no longer have that perfect matching. However, we are still left with many, many pixels that are crammed into so little physical space (5.5 inches by diagonal) that the result of interpolation is barely noticeable." The same can be told for Z5P too. When you change to FHD resolution, you won't notice blurriness because the pixel density is so high that you won't notice the result of interpolation.

  • Anonymous


Does anyone know the ''Sr Value'' of the z5 Premium.



  • AnonD-434597

Z5P can switch between FHD and UHD in ease???

Nah, words like this is wrong. Dont get fooled..

Z5P run at UHD only for photo and video. Thats the right one.

  • AnonD-434597

8knots, 22 Nov 2015How...?I have no idea exactly. Hihi.

Ever try QHD phone? Try install nova launcher, and you will find your homescreen n app drawer arent crystal clarity. Or try install FHD ROM it will all run at FHD except photo and video.

For Z5 premium its basically the same software with Z5, all is still set in FHD or untweaked, so it will run at FHD except photo and video automatically. I always say words Adaptive, when needed, or active screen, smart screen isnt correct at all. How can we call laziness the smart..

  • AnonD-443412

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Love the specs and design

  • Anonymous

AnonD-434597, 22 Nov 2015IMO, Sony better tweaks the UI to run at 4K. It maybe will eats ... moreAre you really dumb? The Z5P software is perfectly optimised for its 4K display. Because of its optimisation is why Z5P can switch between FHD and UHD in ease. Z5P is not designed to run 4k always BECAUSE it will eat more battery and affect performance badly. Hope you get it at least now.

AnonD-434597, 22 Nov 2015IMO, Sony better tweaks the UI to run at 4K. It maybe will eats ... moreHow...?

  • AnonD-458546

i heard it can change into 1080p or a bit higher so the batt won't drain quickly :) well guys.. if ur rich and wanted it then buy it then gimme one too or at least any phone u want to give :)

  • AnonD-434597

IMO, Sony better tweaks the UI to run at 4K. It maybe will eats battery more.

But i think its better to enjoy using phone with all its potential than compromise many thing to save battery. Especially bcz screen is the key selling point of this device.
The best way (if its possible)is giving two option, FHD mode and 4K mode.

Maybe sony wont, but i believe soon we will have developer working on this device to make the optimized rom for 4K screen. They will show us how easy it is at the same time make sony programmer looks like an amateur.

  • AnonD-434597

SKYGUIDE, 22 Nov 2015Digital Tv in your pocket! No need to buy UHD Tv, because nowada... moreI think even if we use VR we wont get a great experience. Bcz almost all contents is rendered at FHD. So we will still get a grainy visual. VR games? forget it.

But someone needs to test the phone with VR, to prove that that the video is really rendered or upscaled at 4k. Coz i guess CNET never use vr, so the could not see the 4K clarity.

  • Naveen

Iwan Limanto, 21 Nov 2015Very overpriced, not worthed at all More expensive than iPhone ... moreI am using the phone and the battery life is awesome, no draining nothing... 1.5 to 2 days battery life with a good decent usage.. wonderful phone. Loving it.

  • dlads

Good phone, good specs, good screen, good speakers.

Bad design, bad OS.

Poor price.

For me, all the big companies have hit a wall, the one thing they still haven't given us is choice, beyond rooting, there isn't a great deal you can change, some may argue otherwise however (for example) try to change the back ground colour of the settings page on a Sony or HTC device (for example), you simply can't, root the device and install a custom rom and you can.

What these companies still haven't realised is the reason why a lot of us root our devices is simply down to choice, it's my phone i'll change it kind of thinking.

HTC and Samsung and i think Sony (albeit not as in depth as the afore mentioned) have done this to a degree, but they're still holding back so much and it's for that reason people still like to have a tamper.

Give the user what they want, allow full access (via a disclaimer) full disclosure as to what the device is doing, collecting and keeping (believe me, once it's been exploited we'll know everything, naming no names HTC, SONY, SAMSUNG, GOOGLE)

Give us the option to change things like screen off animations, list view animations, full theming capabilities, the ability to freeze any app, remove any app (completely, not disable and leave the crap behind in a location we can't touch)
Give us the ability to hit lower level files so we can clean up, delete, modify things how we see fit, you want us to pay £500+ for a device which at the end of the day is still controlled by you? Think again.

Long live XDA and the like, without them you may as well buy an iPhone (oh wait that would be worse ;) )

Good phone though : D

  • Jiraya

I got it, the Z5P today. the battery is at 52%. should i charge it for 8h ? i used to do it in my old Nokia mobile.

  • Anonymous

SKYGUIDE, 22 Nov 2015Digital Tv in your pocket! No need to buy UHD Tv, because nowada... moreYou have answered yourself in your comment!


Digital Tv in your pocket! No need to buy UHD Tv, because nowadays there is a few content to watch for 4k tv, but with this phone you can shoot 4k video and watch it...all of these things are good on paper....but what about actual life! Do we need 4k display on our mobile phones? Do we need 4k display if we don't use vr,

  • AnonD-455140

Well, i just made my preorder for Z5P dual yesterday. In Indonesia, Jakarta, the offer is IDR 12,5 million (cashback 500k, 0% 12 month installment), you get free speaker BSP 60 (smart speaker) which usually cost you 4,5 million. So i think its reasonable to cost you 12,5 M-(12,5 - 4,5 = 8 mil). Delivery will be around mid Dec. Recommended to go for tokoPDA.

  • Anonymous

Does it support otg cable??

AnonD-434597, 22 Nov 2015The bad. Its 4K display results in a sky-high price, but the ext... moreTech reviewers right now are mostly business, they only make good reviews to their partner's product. No surprises here, everyone in this world these days seem only to care about profits while honesty and objectivity comes second. Well, at least I'm glad gsmarena did their reviews fair by far as we've seen from their recent Z5C and Z5 reviews.

  • anu97awesome

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2015Well, the reviewer made a video comparing Z5P and 6 plus. In tha... moreWe can differentiate 4k by looking at live but not by YouTube videos

  • anu97awesome

8knots, 21 Nov 2015Some people already said that the Z5P battery lasts longer than ... moreBut in our country z5p price is less than iPhone 6s 16gb