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  • osg

i have problem with my hd2 there is no sound at all !!!
no sound in calls or music or videos or when ringing
it was working well until yesterday !

i tried to reset it several time but it was useless
i don't want to do a hard reset

any ideas?!!

  • Anonymous

Can anybody help me, I couldn't find lat/long on compass screen...

  • Carlos

this phone sucks on windows but runs great on android 2.2 i recommend the cm6 built of android

  • ZeroQ8

James Pond, 03 Oct 2010You have to unlock the phone first before you can use it on anot... moreThank you for answering my question

  • James Pond

ZeroQ8, 30 Sep 2010Does this phone work on worldwide GSM or limited to t-mobile network?You have to unlock the phone first before you can use it on another carrier

  • ZeroQ8

Does this phone work on worldwide GSM or limited to t-mobile network?

  • Robert

Just got this phone and it is amazing I think the LCD is better than rated on this model because I cannot see any color banding when playing back video and there is so appearant erros in the color blending on the display.

one thing that really stands out is that this phone is really good at not dropping calls and the call quuality is excellent.

If you like a phone with great features and great call quality.. this is the phone to get...also you can run android if you so choose.

  • anya

where can i see which version of the sense ui i have in my mobile phone?

  • Mr. MN

rafik, 28 Aug 2010hi i m having hd2 and want to install endroid os on it also as a... moreGo to XDAdevelopers.com and go to the HD2 section. Good luck and enjoy

  • Isaac


I bought HD2 from T-Mobile recently, however it is unable to read japanese, korea, chinese message and texting.

How to format it to enable japanese, korea, chinese message and texting ? as a new user.

Thank you in advance.

  • rafik

hi i m having hd2 and want to install endroid os on it also as a dual boot so can any one help me how to do it and from where i can install that os and how can i configure the installation on my mobile too thanks...

  • todd

to brenda: i can call it a phone because i am pretty sure it makes and recieves calls. my HD2 kicks ass.....for a phone at least

  • Luv

I have had this every since it came out and I have never ever had one problem with the TMOUSA HD2... I now have the HTC Desire 2.2 Anodroid (Full Functional) on my TMOUSA HD2 with the Windows mobile 6.5 via dual boot, the best of both worlds... It's truly the best mobile that I have ever owned, runs smooth as silk, a hi tech multi dimensional multimedia moble device, the best on the market...

  • Anonymous

toddk, 17 Apr 2010ever notice how everyone says the iphone sucks? the iphone is th... moreIMHO Apple conceal some form of hallucinogenic compound into all their products. This is the only explanation e as to why iPhone users a blinded to the fact their phones are ancient dinosaurs.

I mean have you actually read the brainwashed shyte you just typed? I had the 3GS for a few days, absolutely hated it and felt I had been robbed. I did however have a cold and my nose was blocked - thank goodness I didn't lose my freedom to think

  • Tosser

Anonymous, 23 May 2010This phone is a failure. WM OS is awful. Phone freezes constantl... moreHave you ever had the HD2? Didn't think so, I have had the Tmobile UK version for about 6 months now and it's great. My work iPhone looks like a primitive dinosaur compared to this beast!

Windows Mobile is great and highly customisable, hardware and screen is amasing but apps let the phone down a little IMHO. I met a sales man yesterday who has the new iPhone 4, he complained non-stop about the reception and that he never receives calls only voicemail.

  • germ

Hands down the best phone on the Market. You can dual boot WM (custom ROM) and android....... what more do you want????

  • Brenda

roger, 02 Jul 2010everyone talks so much Sh*t about this phone but everyone is loo... moreHow do you call people on this phone...? Help me I am so confused...

  • Smith

cin, 30 Jun 2010This is my second hd2, had to return the first one because of so... moreWhat probs are you having with both the HD2's?

  • av

anyone know good extanded
battery for hd2 tmobile on ebay at good price ?

  • roger

everyone talks so much Sh*t about this phone but everyone is lookin to buy something commercial like the iphone easy to use.the truth is if ur going to have a WM phone ur gonna have to know about roms and other things alike. this is a iphone killer if in the right hands.developers will probably have a windows 7 rom out for this phone forsure. just wait :D