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T-Mobile HD2

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  • cin

This is my second hd2, had to return the first one because of so many problems. I just got this second one 2 weeks ago and I'm already experiencing problems again. i'm thinking of selling it... :(

  • XD

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2010I have this phone and is bad...bad...bad phone I don't recommen... moredude...winOS is not so good, you will hardly put apps and games on it only that, but it is very functional, windows is there for lot of years, android not! :D i had htc hd2 and i sold it, and now i am gonna to get a new one !! :D best mobile untile htc evo4g come to EU!!

  • omelet

The phone specs make it the most amazing phone besides evo4g...as for WM...hate it...had this phone for two weeks and sold it just because of WM...but the camera was amazing...call quality was amazing...signal strength was decent...as far as lag there was none but the phone did freeze numerous times which was annoying leading me to sell it...overall wouldnt recommend it unless there is a miracle and someone manages to port android to it

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and is bad...bad...bad phone I don't recommended this phone to anyone it frees up a lot lot...!!! it's a headache and stressful phone. I'm telling you. you be calling costumer service I lot and even if they sent you a new phone still do the same thing because is window people is bad...!!! donít buy it!!! I know it looks pretty and nice I say the same thing and didnít listen and I still went and buy it and now look at me I spend lot time calling this people they already sent another phone and still bad! >(

  • Anonymous

damn my energy rom freezes up alll the time....

  • Bula

Cyclone, 13 Jun 2010This phone is one of the sexiest pieces of phone hardware I've e... moreYou can get any customized (as per your needs) version of WM from XDA-DEVELOPERS site and after that you'll be fine.
I have custom cooked ROM on my HD2 (Energy ROM) and it flies, never hangs, freeze or lags!!!
This is THE BEST phone that I've had and definitely an i-Phone killer!!!

  • Cyclone

This phone is one of the sexiest pieces of phone hardware I've ever seen. The biggest problem however is Windows Mobile. You can customize and tweek it to your hearts content but the underlying operating system still sucks.

Lag, freezing up, text messages dragging the phone to a halt and piss poor memory management. Even closing all the programs on the phone doesn't help unless you reboot 30 times a day.

  • :D

hey everyone please help me find this app wmTorrent a full version no trial please : )

  • TommyH

Anonymous, 23 May 2010This phone is a failure. WM OS is awful. Phone freezes constantl... morePhone does freeze frequently, even when you go into task manager and exit all the applications that are running. It overheats and crashes when you recieve a text while you're texting out. Ridiculous, they should have a recall. I sold mines after a month of using it. Sure, the features are amazing, but we need a phone or an OS that can run them smoothly. Maybe Windows Mobile 7 will do a better job.

  • nick

Anonymous, 23 May 2010This phone is a failure. WM OS is awful. Phone freezes constantl... morewhat a load of rubbish

windows mobile is awesome. it's so adaptable.

  • Anonymous

buy it from ebay

  • Anonymous

This phone is a failure. WM OS is awful. Phone freezes constantly, the update from Tmobile doesnt help. Good luck sending emails and texts without having to pull your battery at least 3 times a day. This phone needs android. WM isnt doing it for me. This definately isnt the iphone killer, this is the iphone seller. flop!

  • mike_tech_ky

go to www.t-mobile.com/wmupgrade.com a system upgrade fixes alot of things :) back up everthing before u do do it though

  • nate

i want this phone so bad, but tmobile dont have it on stock :( can't wait to hack this phone lol

  • Jim

the phone it's nice but,winmo it's a bad OS,android is the future.

  • travis

toddk, 17 Apr 2010ever notice how everyone says the iphone sucks? the iphone is th... morehave you used this phone??? this phones BLOWS THE IPHONE AWAY!!! HANDS DOWN!!! The only reason iphone is soo popular is because everyone are zombies and followers. I worked for atnt for 3 years and had more complaints about the iphone than any other phone. There is nothing this device doesnt do, really, and it will only get better with time. Sorry buddy, iphone will fall soon, actually already starting eversince android was released dont worry though it will be one sexy paperweight at some point, lol!!!

  • Travis

Ive had a my touch for the past 6 months or so and love the os and was a bit skeptical about getting another windows phone with all the problems ive had in the past....all i can say is "wow"!!! if you were unlucky like a buddy of mine and got a bad apple just exchange it. I love this phone and def think imo that is blows the iphone away and with its growth in popularity you will see more and more accessories and updates for it including windows 7 mobile which was mentioned again yesterday by one of the spokespersons of htc. Cant wait!!!! def a phone for the experienced user because the possibilities are endless. Great looking, excellent functionality, endless potential....a must have for tech junkies!

  • jusKris

Just got mine at first or froze up but had a few days to play and has not hung up orf froze since love the phone coming from android was not sure on the OS but I love it.

  • Navneet Agarwal

i have tmobile hd2 , my problem is that my wired stereo headset comes with my mobile its buttons i.e. play/pause reverse forward call end /accept not working only work stereo music , why the buttons on the headset not working.

if any one have answer please give me asap


The worst phone ever .... Don't buy it .....