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  • Fabio

I got one from Fido (Canada) more than a month ago, the phone is nice, screen is really good, camera is ok/good, but I am having a lot of headaches with apps getting killed. From the alarm (Alarm Clock xtreme) to Web Alert app, apparently anything that is not stock or usual application gets killed by the task manager. This is really annoying, tried disabling everything that could be disabled, from battery optimization to memory manager, everything that supposedly kills background tasks, still I can't get the apps to run reliably on the background for more than a day or so. On top of that some apps won't get push notifications (news apps, banking). I get push notifications on my old phone but not on the TCL. I am really frustrated with this phone.

  • trouble.guayaco

Does anyone have touch sensitivity issues when using a screen protector??

  • Tfg

Just one small detail, it says in specs that it does not have IR, which is wrong, it does.

Using this TCL 20 Pro 5G for two weeks now.
No issues and satisfied with performance.
Battery, display, speed and camera,,,,

  • bigjebi

Using TCL 20 Pro 5G for two weeks now. No issues so far. Decent display, speed and camera performance. Pretty much same as LG Velvet. I have some issues using Mi 11 tho. Batter is hotter than other manufacturer's and drains fast.

  • Anonymous

Duke, 31 May 2021Picked one up 2 weeks ago and started putting it through th... moreI never had any issues with the phone whatsoever, everything's great! It may be just a software bug, try to factory reset it.

  • Duke

Picked one up 2 weeks ago and started putting it through the paces. Came up with some serious issues, wondering if anyone else had them. Videos embedded in website do not play properly. Especially once you hit full screen mode. Another time same thing but this time phone became unresponsive, had to restart it. Error msg popped up saying UI is not responding.
Screen flickers occasionally when scrolling or switching between apps.
And lastly on Chrome in incognito mode unable to see phone screen in screen mirroring mode on my tv. Regular window not an issue.
Never had these issues with a Samsung phone.

Good specs, but slightly crossing the line of being a little too expensive for what you get.

  • Xo

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2021with 750$ u can grab GALAXY S21 5G.....8/128 too In Canada, the Galaxy S21 128G is 330 CAD$ over the TCL 20 Pro 5G... Not exactly the SAME price...

  • Beepborp

I bought one of these a few days ago. It's a solid device. Design-wise it feels quite premium. It's got a lot of features from other devices that I have enjoyed such as the edge bar from most newer Samsung devices, and IR blaster. Feels great to use and the UI layout is super clean. We'll see how it hold up in terms of reliability but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this phone to anyone. As someone who uses a Samsung S21 from day-to-day, I can honestly say that this phone impressed me.

Redskitter, 09 May 2021TCL is #1 for tv. I hope my expectation of this device is p... moreTCL was actually #2 in the world on TV selling numbers (behind Samsung) until the release of PS5 where LG steped up to #2 and TCL fell to #3.
Still, TCL has the best Android devices on the market right now...

  • SJTS

Any chance this phone will be officially available in the U.S.?

TCL is #1 for tv. I hope my expectation of this device is positive as their televisions.

  • Lanier

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Memory is big 6+256 , Main Camera is a Sony 48M OIS with PD... moreI have seen a few reviews of that phone by now. The ones you can find by now. I like that phone a lot. The full package is pretty much what I like to see. The fotos found in one review are very much impressive!
Of course there are downsides on that phone. Fast charging could be faster. Screen refresh could be 90Hz or 120Hz. But you get a sleek design without a camera hill, 256GB Memory, Camera with OIS, 5G, Radio, Infrared, curved display for less than 600 Euro.
TCL isn't well known in germany for smartphones and I don't know about the quality and how many updates you'll get.
But by now I hold back the money to see how it performs in the first real tests!

I have not tried it, but it looks like the specifications of any $400 phone. The design looks okay but there is better out there. Plus TCL is not really known for their phones, so they will need to do some advertising to get market reach. It looks like TCL could become a global player in the smartphone market, but they should look into advertising more. TV ads and youtube ads are the best ones to get started, and for YT you just need to sign up with google ads. This will also promote your website with specific searches - "smartphone", "phone", "Iphone" - these are all good search results. On chrome, a search for "iphone" will bring up an ad for "backmarket" which is a refurbished phone seller. This appears as the first result. Underneath that is If TCL puts money into ads, they could get more sales. Advertising on radio is also a good thing to do. Reviewers on YT should be sent a free phone to review, and they will bring your brand to new people. This will add interest to your brand and site. Reaching out to tech youtubers is a good marketing strategy. I saw the UNBOXTHERAPY video of this phone, which put me in a position to come here and find the specs of the phone. By reaching out to enthusiasts, you may not always guarantee a review or sale, but it will put you into the youtubers thought process. UnboxTherapy has over 15 million subs, and the video (as of when written) is already on over 500,000 views after being out for only one day. The comments are full of people showing positive interest in the device and the brand. This is a good marketing trick and will add TCL on more peoples brand list. Another good tip is reaching out to 3rd party sellers like 02, EE, T-mobile and Verison to sell your phone, as most people buy on contract. (not going to get into detail as ending comment soon). I see the TCL 10 pro is on TESCO MOBILE (UK) and is fairly popular. Keep bringing updates to your devices and you will soon gain market share. Thanks for making it to the end. Hope you all stay safe and have an amazing day!

  • CandyBoy

A 2 year old camera sensor and display with no high refresh rate, also it's just 420 nits, doesn't really appeal to me

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Memory is big 6+256 , Main Camera is a Sony 48M OIS with PD... morethe main sensor used in this phone is 2 years old, dont let the high " 48 MEGA PIXEL MADNESS " fool you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Apr 2021>2MP depth sensor >2MP macro sensor >SD750 >... moreMemory is big 6+256 , Main Camera is a Sony 48M OIS with PDAF, and with a brilliant nigh view; It is very very beautifully.

  • Anonymous

Glordium, 20 Apr 2021why are they selling this kind of phones at this price rang... moreYou mean 300$ at most right?
You're also too good for throwing jokes around :)

Lanier, 16 Apr 2021Guys, whats wrong with all of you?!?!? I wanted to buy an ... moreyou are really good at making jokes i give you that