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  • khenn

shindenkai, 29 Mar 2021I know i'm pretty late, but under light to moderate us... moreAbout 9 hours continues usage

  • Naddy

Khenn, 14 Mar 2021Does tcl plex will have android 11 update?Yes same question too, waiting to someone could answer this

  • shindenkai

I know i'm pretty late, but under light to moderate use (e.g social media, watching YouTube, etc.) How does the battery holdup under those conditions?

  • Khenn

Does tcl plex will have android 11 update?

  • Malaysia user

I have been using this phone for 6 months. Bought new for rm599. For its price Vs specifications this phone is a bargain. I have no complain except for the Google search app keep prompting to close its app and flickering the screen. Unable to uninstall the app since it is stock app from the phone itself. Everytime problem happen need to go to play store and hit the uninstall button where the app status will turn from installed to update.

  • anonymous

This phone is real deal coming with mid-range price

  • Harry

Does thisphone has any scratch protection of the display, Glass protection From schratches? Gorila Glass 1,2,3.....

Its a really good phone for that price. The performance, the screen. Yeah worth it. Using for 6 month (usually I give feedback after 6 months of use.)

Someone pls make a review on this, your opinions and complaints (if there is any) by using this. I am planning to buy this.

  • muda

using this phone from sept 2020 until problem at all,for me very good phone as
this 599 at lazada .

  • Nap Paul Leon

Been using this phone since June 2020 and I don't think of upgrading or buying a new one. This phone is superb!

  • Ateono

How do I make call recording automatically?

  • RieReborn

Normal video quality runs @ 30fps for all 4k,1080p,720p & 480p.

Only slow Mo runs @ 120/240/960fps.
Don't know which video quality are using 60fps.

Overall really love this phone and planing to buy TCL 10 pro but afraid if normal video quality are just the same as TCL Plex.

Bought it last week at rm700 shopee after reviewing this smartphone at YouTube for only rm599.

  • liza

video for main and front camera is not that high quality but i can say that the phone is good

  • Lay

Malaysian users still stuck with old v2.0.2B.AG from January while other countries mostly in Europe regions already got 2 update after that.
One from July and the latest one is v2.0.2B.H.9 from September, really disappointed to be a Malaysian user right now.

  • Nennie

wilrod, 12 Apr 2020I am buying a new phone with a budget of up to 200 euros an... moreFrom Malta 🇲🇹 I bought it on offer for 199€ from 299€🙂

  • Nennie

tlcplex, 09 Aug 2020Anybody found any type of protective case for this phone? In the box you have

  • Fzzz

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2020Some report said for a new update for some area.Add functio... moreLol. How come updating software will give a hardware update ,😂😂

  • Anonymous

Some report said for a new update for some area.Add function like led notification

MnA, 09 Sep 2020I don't get any notification to update to android 10..... moreTry manual update, restart and recheck back update