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  • charles800

Ben, 17 May 2021got this just now for only Php 6,500 with a free Bluetooth ... moreSo you got the same deal. I ordered it on Shopee just in time for the last remaining unit. Haven't have it yet, but did my own fair share of research before ordering it, and I can say that this phone have lived to everyone's expectation. Will be back once I have personally tested and to give some insights about the performance of this phone.

  • richie

Dont buy this phone.....I purchased TCL plex at lazada tcl online store last January 2021 for the past months it is a giod phone. camera,battry,storage etc... but now. my phone start to shutdown and battery drains fast. every now and then the phone restart and stay at the Bootloop, you need to plug a powerbank to use the phone even if the batteey is 100%. i try to claim warranty but to no avail.

  • Robert

I live in Australia. I purchased the TCL Plex in April 2020. I have upgraded to Android 10. The phone behaves perfectly. Good battery life. Excellent screen. Everything about it works well. I do not use it for gaming. I would definitely buy another TCL Phone. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

I am planning on buying one of these is the TCL UI stable and doesn't have any bugs? I'm really sick of Realme UI I'mma switch to a new UI.

  • ong

after update, the internet and GPS not stable

  • Anonymous

Tclplex, 17 Aug 2021What version of update?Mine got WiFi run slow after update system to android 10

  • Eydels

Guest, 18 Aug 2021v2.0.2B.H.PMine is 2.0.2.B.H.A

  • Eydels

Guest, 18 Aug 2021v2.0.2B.H.PReally???

  • Guest

Tclplex, 17 Aug 2021What version of update?v2.0.2B.H.P

  • Tclplex

Guest, 15 Aug 2021The phone feels so smooth after the update.What version of update?

  • Guest

kokchunyap, 11 Aug 2021Today my device received the 1st July 2021 security patchThe phone feels so smooth after the update.

  • kokchunyap

Vernskie, 07 Aug 2021TCL PLEX release the 2021 security patch??? My device stock... moreToday my device received the 1st July 2021 security patch

i have buy the PLEX and NOT record up to 30p.... 4k/30p 1080/30p...
and buy because i see the specs fron you... :-( you have ..wrong...

  • Vernskie

TCL PLEX release the 2021 security patch??? My device stock on 5 2020 security patch level.

  • Anonymous

Naddy, 01 Apr 2021Yes same question too, waiting to someone could answer thisno

  • lpryszcz

I've been using this phone for over a year now and it's truly outstanding phone! Awesome value for money :)

  • Iris

Hi guys, Im usinig this phone 1y and all I can say is this is a great phone. The camera is really good, I often take photos with it instead of the camera and many people think that I actually took photos with the camera. All the time I have this phone he never buggd. The system is very good, the battery lasts a very long time even though I surf all day. All recommendations.

  • Berlin

TCL Plex isn't afraid of heights!

  • Vernskie

Please fix the the other fiture like screen record, i can't record system sound like i record my gameplay

  • Key

DanutXL, 17 Apr 2021The worst ever mobile phone ! Even if its cheao is a big wo... moreU sure a liar.. This phone is great