Tecno Camon 18 Premier

Tecno Camon 18 Premier

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  • wokenman

Love the spec, but this company needs to stop with the trickery and lying and fake stuff. The pictures make it looks like there is no hole punch or notch for selfie camera - on all the hands on videos it's clearly visible - that's so unnecessary - it's already a good phone, no need to use scammer tactics to get people interested.

  • Yusuf TK

Very appreciate and revy pantastic

  • Billionx

I think the phone is good,but don't you people think is it
Bit too learn to lauch it, And the phones amount are lnceasing everyday and is not fair at all.

  • Anonymous

Jabuscity, 06 Oct 2021Like really?? LMFAO 🤣How much

  • Dk

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Disappointed I expected a 108 MPThe number of MP does not reflect the shapeness of the picture, take a reference of iPhone which makes 12mp but produce a good image than 64mp on other phons

  • Bruce

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Disappointed I expected a 108 MPBut Phantom series¿?

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Disappointed I expected a 108 MPLike really?? LMFAO 🤣

Dear Tecno and Infinix, please use a new chipset and not an ancient 12nm chipset. Your devices have compelling hardware except the chipset. Please use at least a Dimensity chipset if you wanna stay with Mediatek or SD 7 series chipset. You can't go all out without giving the chipset a similar performance bump. This way you can slaughter Samsung and even Xiaomi. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

Lemon, 06 Oct 2021What, where is front selfie camera??appears to be under screen-note when they want to hide the ugly punch holes the official renderings and pics from OEMs have those hidden away in dark corners/shaded areas of some glitzy wallpaper-lol (or they will just show/emphasize the back) everyone know the punch hole is ugly

  • lushmac

camon 17 pro have a better specs, the difference is just Gimbal added to it.

What, where is front selfie camera??

  • Ramsey

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2021how?Yes in display fingerprint could be much better because we are fed up of these styles of side mounted coz they have many issues, even my Camon 17 pro Wich I just bought one month back, the fingerprint just stopped working abruptly without any issue

  • Anonymous

Disappointed I expected a 108 MP

  • Seguz

A disdain for it , no 5g ,the processor is nugatory ... Though I respect Tecno for making shrinked price phones 👏

Capt. Cake, 06 Oct 2021Equal to SD732G and not SD720G I don't think so

Lalo, 06 Oct 2021Disappointed , expected with 5g network and minimum 5000 or... moreDon't know about 5g but I would say the battery is okay, it's near 5000. And since it has 33W charger, it would be sufficient.

  • Gary Daniyyels

Jongjave, 05 Oct 2021Its misleading campaigns from techno, this phone have punch... moreThank you please for clarifying on that friend

  • Lalo

Disappointed , expected with 5g network and minimum 5000 or 7000 mah battery.

...comes comprehensively equipped with malware

stinkybananas, 04 Oct 2021Bruh this phone would be better but this chipset is similar... moreEqual to SD732G and not SD720G