The nubia Z40 Pro will run cool while gaming, bring camera improvements

Peter, 27 January 2022

The nubia Z40 Pro is coming next month and the company is already teasing notable upgrades to performance and imaging. ZTE exec Lv Qianhao shared some real-world performance results on Weibo, focusing on sustained performance.

The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, however, its advantage lies in the cooling system. The exec claims that the phone doesn’t even feel warm while running Genshin Impact at full tilt in a 25ºC room (77ºF, pretty warm).

nubia Z40 Pro teasers: 300x better heat dissipation coefficient nubia Z40 Pro teasers: improved image clarity and AF accuracy nubia Z40 Pro teasers: improved image clarity and AF accuracy
nubia Z40 Pro teasers: 300x better heat dissipation coefficient • improved image clarity and AF accuracy

The nubia Z40 Pro is apparently nicknamed the “Frost Dragon”. Teasers mention an industry first system that integrates graphite and a three-phase cooling solution. It’s difficult to tell what that means through machine translation, but the takeaway is this – heat dissipation will be massively improved.

And so will the camera. Nubia is going back to the classics with a 35 mm lens with a bright f/1.6 aperture and a custom Sony IMX787 sensor. The lens has been designed to reduce image distortion by 35%, to gather 80% more light and improve image clarity overall. Also, the sensor will feature omni-directional autofocus, for fast and reliable focus locks – 70% more reliable, according to the company (presumably, these comparisons use the nubia Z30 Pro as a base).

The nubia Z40 Pro will run cool in a real-world gaming scenarios, camera improvements also teased

Meanwhile, the ZTE Mall online shop has a landing page for the nubia Z40 Pro that details a trade-in program. Sending in an old phone to be recycled will net buyers a 15% subsidy towards buying the new flagship. On top of that they can add a MyCare+ subscription or a pair of ZTE LiveBuds Pro TWS headset for free.

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  • Anonymous

If you really want to talk about being irrelevant, that should be Chinese brands constantly pumping new models every week. No one ever change phones every week. And btw, keep your brand hate somewhere else. True techies wouldn't make such a crap...

  • Anonymous

It's always entertaining to see jokers like this commenting as if they know everything and always speak for others. The constantly overrated Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra also suffer from overheating problem because of the chipset. So much for "irrele...

  • Anonymous

All marketing, real world heat not regulated that well as per tests. Even budget devices devices do better. This is why Sony is irrelevant these days in smartphone world

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