The official Nokia videos offer short intros to Nokia 9 PureView and company

Peter, 24 February 2019

You can rewind the HMD livestream to watch the five new Nokia phones get unveiled or you can watch the official promo videos for minute-long summaries.

Let’s start from the top – the Nokia 9 PureView. It’s all about that Light-powered penta-camera with Zeiss optics. Those cameras shoot simultaneously to capture more light and detailed depth information (which is supported by Google Photos for easy editing).

Next up is the Nokia 4.2, which comes in the new signature Pink Sand color. There’s NFC with Google Pay support.

The Nokia 3.2 has a larger screen than the 4.2, larger battery too. Both phones have face unlock + fingerprint readers, a dedicated Google Assistant button as well.

The Nokia 1 Plus is an Android Pie Go edition phone and like the others promises long-term software support

The four Androids are joined by a feature phone – the Nokia 210. It offers extra-long battery life and Internet connectivity through Opera Mini and a dedicated Facebook app.

If you want more details, we have a written Nokia 9 hands-on review as well as a video review, plus a written article for the other four phones.


Reader comments

How about Nokia 9.1 with 5 cameras all using Sony 48MP sensor in a quad-pixel mode to have 12MP with 1.6 um pixel size?

  • Anonymous

It sure looks like a monster alright - JK Nokia 808 produces pictures with minute details due to the ultra resolution This Nokia 9 produces pictures with clear details due to the ultra dynamic range I would love a combination of both.....

  • Anonymous

someone's going to cry about how they want this phone but their "trypophobia" makes them disgusted by the camera arrangement and insists that it be changed. I can guarantee that.

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