Pixel 4 can't record 4K video at 60fps as Google thinks you don't need it

Peter, 21 October 2019

The Pixel 4 and its larger sibling, the Pixel 4 XL, can’t record 4K video at 60fps. Google’s official Twitter account posted an explanation of why that mode was left out.

The last sentence in particular stings. The two phones come with 64GB of base storage as default – and part of that is reserved for the OS and RAM. The only upgrade option is 128GB, which is where many mid-rangers start.

And it goes without saying that there’s no memory card slot. Plus, Google stopped offering free original quality storage for photos and videos (even the cheaper Pixel 3a phones had it).

We’re curious to see where Google is getting its data – the older Pixels couldn’t record 4K @ 60fps video either. Did it do a poll on how people are using their non-Pixel phones?

Anyway, Apple is not much better as the iPhone 11 trio also has 64GB base storage, but at least it lets those with deep pockets go to 256GB. It really wouldn’t have killed Google to have a 256GB version of the Pixel 4.



Reader comments

That's actually a year old device! And Google is so lazy to bring their devices too late.. S10 still got decent battery life unlike pixel 4

It's closer than the competition than you think, Galaxy S10 also housed a 2k display with only 3400mah but I don't see people complaining. The pixel this year is a disaster, yes, but my point is the 3700mAh battery for a 2k screen is not as bad as yo...

still 3700 is nowhere near competition pixel 4 is a disaster

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