The Snapdragon 875 will reportedly support 100W fast charging, cost dearly

Peter, 29 June 2020

A key selling point of the Snapdragon 875 will be its support for 100W fast charging, says leakster Digital Chat Station. This will be marketed as a perk for gaming phones with large batteries as it will reduce the downtime between gaming sessions.

Qualcomm is expected to introduce the 875 in December and to have it ready for phones in Q1 next year. The chip is reportedly already being mass produced by TSMC on a 5nm node. It may use the new Cortex-X1 as its prime core, plus three Cortex-A77 for the big cores.

In the meantime, the company is expected to release a Snapdragon 865+ next month. It will increase its prime core to 3.09 GHz, quite a boost compared to the 2.84 GHz clock speed of the current S865 chips.

The Snapdragon 875 will reportedly support 100 W fast charging, will cost an arm and a leg

And some companies may want to use that one instead as rumor has it that the Snapdragon 875 will be significantly more expensive than its already pricey predecessor. The full package (including the hardware needed for wireless connectivity) will cost $250, up from $150-160 for the Snapdragon 865. The chip alone will go for $130 vs $80 for the 865.

Supporting 100W probably adds to the cost as well but Qualcomm is not the only company working on that. Currently, several other companies are working on charging speeds in that range – Xiaomi did a demonstration last year, vivo teased 120 W Super Flash Charge, Samsung announced a 100 W USB-PD chip of its own.

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  • Anonymous

Charging 250$ for a mobile SoC like we're buying a core i7 or ryzen 7... NO THANKS. I'm thinking of buying the next gen Apple iphone SE which will be running at about +70% single core speed compared to snapdragon 865+ instead. Qualcom...

  • Vinod

875 best prossesar clock speed slow 3.1 and 5nm very good 560 clock speed and high 2021 Snapdragon processor any fast 5 g mobile very low plz clock speed high 4.8 ghz. CPU 710 High ward Powar full best big prossesar GPU plz high 780 plz I love S...

  • Bhatt Zee

Apple hands down

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