Tower of Cookie: 5 million LG Cookies sold in 9 months

20 July, 2009

There's an LG Cookie sold about every five seconds somewhere in the world. LG are keen to point out other numbers the most important of which is that over 5 million units were sold in total for the 9 months the phone's been on sale.

Not long ago, early April in fact, there were "just" 2 million Cookies sold and now just over three months later - three million more found their new owners. If LG can keep up the pace, they just might reach their 10 million sales target.

The original Cookie - the LG KP500 - was joined by two face-lifted brothers, the KP501 and KP502, which are Orange and Vodafone exclusives respectively. Then there's the long lost cousin too - the LG Cooky (they should have gone with "Biscuit" or "Cracker") which does HSDPA and hardware 3D acceleration as well as T-DMB TV. Unfortunately it's only available in South Korea, so the rest of the world can't um… get to the cooky jar.

The LG press release throws in some fun facts as well - for example, if you put the 5 million Cookies end to end the line will be about 535 kilometers long. We headed to Wikipedia and added a few things to the list. Stacking all those Cookies one on top of the other will make a tower 59.5 kilometers high - more than six times higher than Everest. It would weigh 445 metric tons - heavier than two and a half blue whales.

And more importantly - about 5 million people own a Cookie - practically, a small country. A visa for Cookieland costs just 130 euro, less than its arch nemesis - the Samsung S5230 Star.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 31 Aug 2009
  • NHh

We have a cookie promotion in Namibia where everyday about 20 cookies are being bought

  • James
  • 31 Jul 2009
  • mXJ

I happily bought a cookie and was please for about 3 months with it, until I realised it wasn't exactly a outstanding phone. Yet I would happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cheap phone which ticks many boxes. good points-value, app...

  • Hst2628
  • 30 Jul 2009
  • 0Ri

My, Tucks that's very refreshing. From what I've read of this set of reviews you're flaming the Cookie and some of its' users to the point of wishing all our phones would break. Tsk, Tsk, not very charitable is it? I had my Cookie delivered arou...

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