Twitter in disarray, closes offices for the weekend

Yordan, 18 November 2022

Twitter closed its offices until Monday, November 21, according to an official statement to staff. The company did not give a reason for the decision but reports are there are simply too many people quitting. Elon Musk was quoted to say that “the best people are staying” and he isn’t “super worried”.

Message sent to Twitter staff Message sent to Twitter staff

Musk’s plans to make Twitter more financially stable included selling a blue Verified tick to anyone willing to pay $8 per month, as well as terminating half of the workforce to try and minimize expenses.

Twitter staff had time until yesterday, November 17, to sign a pledge for long hours or leave with three months’ severance pay. Former employees are tweeting that anywhere between 74% and 90% of the workforce decided to go for the compensation instead of being “extremely hardcore” and returning to the office.

One former worker told BBC they expect less than 2,000 people to stay, which is about a fourth of the initial workforce of 7,500. They also revealed their whole team has been terminated, while another employee stated:

I didn't want to work for someone who threatened us over email multiple times about only 'exceptional tweeps should work here' when I was already working 60-70 hours weekly”.

Later, the new owner and CEO went on his usual tweeting bender, saying in order to make a small fortune on social media, you should start with a large one, then he followed by revealing Twitter hit a new all-time high in usage, then he posted a pirate flag emoji, and ended with a grave meme, depicting Twitter celebrating the death of Twitter.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Nov 2022
  • JF7

Yeah, that's why the world has scores of ignoramuses making money out of Electric car companies and rocket companies... oh wait! He's definitely overestimating his capacities and joins fights he absolutely has no need or reason to figh...

Musk: Twitter should be a lot more efficient! World: (checks numbers) It definitely should be! Musk: I need money to make it happen. Investors: Here, do it. Musk: DIE TWITTER, DIE DIE! BURN IT ALL DOWN!1!! World: Whoa, what?

  • the stettiner
  • 20 Nov 2022
  • 7th

he should change his name to elan twit mask.

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