vivo Apex goes from concept to mass-produced smartphone on June 12

Vlad, 22 May 2018

Remember vivo's Apex concept? We were wowed by it in February, and ever since have been patiently waiting for it to turn into an actual smartphone you can buy.

Well, that will happen sooner than you may expect. vivo is holding an event in Shanghai, China on June 12, during which we assume it will introduce us to the market-ready version of the Apex. This assumption comes from the promo materials the company has sent us, which clearly depict a smartphone that looks very much like the Apex concept, complete with periscope selfie camera.

What's more, the company itself mentioned during its MWC event that the Apex will enter mass production sometime in mid-2018, and the timeline fits.

The Apex concept has 1.8mm side bezels and a 4.3mm chin. With that in mind, it's the closest any handset has been to the 'bezel-less' dream. The screen is a 5.99-inch Full HD+ OLED, and there's an under-display fingerprint sensor too.


Reader comments

  • BillA

Exactly... For me personally the bigger the bezel the better ;) ... at least I have space to rest my fingers on, and it's a 100 times more durable than all the bezelless craps out there. lol´╗┐

  • Chopsticks

Really nice but will it be available in the UK? Probably not. Just makes me anticipate the SGS10 even more. Samsung started the near bezel less mass trend with the GS8, think they will drop something really special with the anniversary S cl...

Honestly though Do we need bezels that thin? Like say while gaming Just holding the phone covers up part of the screen

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