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  • x5

I found that the contact is having some serious problems. I can't search the contact even though the number is in my contact list, and what apps can't be sync if adding new number. The hardware is good but the software need some improvement.

  • Master Mind ?

Yes It Has Micro SD Card Slot
And Run SD Card Upto 128 GB

  • Potential buyer

Hello guys, anyone who owns this phone, I would like to know whether it has a microSD slot or not? Because some say it does, and some say it does not. Could anyone shed some light regarding this matter?

  • John

I cannot set the date, It start with from year 2558 why

  • AnonD-358926

AnonD-358926, 02 Feb 2015Bought this phone after contemplating many phones and after... moreAfter using the phone for more than a month, I find the battery is draining fast even though the usage is predominantly calls, whatsapp, fb and internet browsing. After a few calls lasting for 30-45 min, the battery goes down really really low. I think this is a major area of concern. Otherwise the slick user interface and great looks of the phone are still an advantage but for the battery.

  • Jinn

why my vivo x5 cannot open? even when i charge the green light is not turn on? i bought this phone last 2 week ago. somebody plz help me

  • mai

I hope will buy soon !

  • lagend88

i have vivo x5.. and i have 2 samsung smartphone.. battery life so good and not drain very fast like my samsung s2 and tab 7 plus.. even i palying games 4-5 hour.. the internet connetion so fast on downloading or uploading.. for now im happy to use vivo x5 with best camera and funtouch OS.. im waiting for my vivo xshot and xplay

  • uday

after using last 10 days x5 found excellent and good battery life,easy to use,worthy to buy.

  • AnonD-370737

I bought vivo X5 last week, and its quite ok, but the battery drain very fast and when i take photos with flash at night, the picture turns yellow. Why???

  • sam

Its processor is Qualcomn Snapdragon 615Tm Octa core 1.5 GHz, 64 bit

  • AnonD-259274

[deleted post]See this guy,comments the same thing.Are you spy coming from Sammy company?

  • AnonD-259274

[deleted post]Well,copy and paste,a person with 3 account.Brainless.

  • AnonD-358926

Bought this phone after contemplating many phones and after much thought. Firstly sharing my needs of selection:
- good quality dual-sim phone
- preferably with 4G LTE on one sim (there's not many good phones out there with 4G even for one sim)
- not too big at 6" and not too small less than 5"
- good looking to carry for business and pleasure
- good battery life

I zeroed in on to buy HTC Desire 820s, but when I went to the store to buy it, it's huge longish screen put me of and the battery life based on some feedback from friends.

I came across Vivo X5 (not X5 Max as it is called in this part of the World) and pleasantly found it met all my requirements. Only downside was:
- cost; it was quite a premium compared to other Chinese phones and
- supposed to be a weak battery @ 2250 mAH.

But the store person explained it's "iManager" feature that helps to shut down unused apps automaitcally and save battery. I bought it and using for a week now. Based on my usage, ie long conference-calls and mostly browsing the battery lasts more than a day.

Need to add, it's slim profile, premium looks, professional camera options, "air touch" feature where you can unlock and slide without touching the phone and the sturdy aluminium strip along the 4 sides all adds to the really premium look and is a joy to look at.

  • AnonD-357076

i got vivo x5 last week ... function of samsung smartphone better than vivo.... its expensive price we got if compare samsung phone with same specification and quality....

  • AnonD-356341

Is it this 3model x5s x5l x5v the casing same use ?

  • Fat

May i know X5v X5L X5S all the casing can use together ?

  • hertz

How much does it go for at ur area. just loved it on first sight

  • Michael

AnonD-344388, 24 Dec 2014does it heat up while playing gamesNo it doesn't heat up. The battery strength is good too, lasted me one whole day.

  • AnonD-344388

AnonD-142922, 16 Dec 2014Very nice phone toodoes it heat up while playing games