vivo X50 Pro+

vivo X50 Pro+

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  • Hans

Why this is a "pro" without the highligthed feature gimbal OIS

  • Anonymous

50Mp ... does it support 8K 60fps ??????

  • Mudassir

Release date in pakistan

my only problem with vivo is their camera beautification ai. it sucks.

  • Anonymous

Okto, 30 Jul 202050 mp sensor with dual pixel af? What sensor is this?Its the new samsung GN1 sensor pretty good sensor tbh

  • Okto

50 mp sensor with dual pixel af? What sensor is this?

  • Anonymous

Hanif Fikri, 05 Jun 2020Why all flagship China phone doesnt support sd card?also a reason why i never buy any chinese phones

legit not. a. single. one. has an SD card slot, from entry level to flagship. huawei, oppo, oneplus, mi, you name it

like why tf cant they put a tiny slot in yet they introduce dual sims and put bigger batteries and screens in smaller frames???!!

  • Nister

Ruby H, 20 Jul 2020Why didn't they include the gimbal feature available o... moreThe pro plus camera sensor is too big and too heavy for that gimbal mechanism. That's why Vivo not allowed to it in this model.

Why didn't they include the gimbal feature available on the X50 Pro?

Wait wait wait... this doesn't have the gimbal mechanism? ...why? Why bother going through the effort of advertising this new gimbal mechanism, and this new Samsung sensor... just to cripple the gimbal mechanism with an insanely slow SoC... and cripple the sensor with a nonexistent gimbal mechanism?

  • Anonymous

RGGB sensor but close to P40pro RYYB in low light situation.

This sensor's insane

  • wirscho

BatamKing, 13 Jul 2020Bought V11 Pro & S1 Pro for family member. Good built q... moreWait which one has IP68 because I could use that feature in my phone

Bought V11 Pro & S1 Pro for family member. Good built quality with reasonable price. If now Vivo wants to take over OnePlus' past market, at least give users a stereo speaker. Not everybody needs IP68 cause not everybody dropping their phone or using it under the rain. But everybody does enjoy a good sound in music or Youtube.

Vivo created this phone half baked. Anti climax.

I think once digital chat station said this has LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1, I hope that's true

  • Anonymous

This may have better um but mi 10 is much better overall with cheaper price and stereo speaker

  • Anonymous

Samsung camera sensor always lose to sony in sharpness

  • Anonymous

I am eager to know the test result on this vivo x50 pro+, especially on performance of the samsung big sensor and big eye on this phone. This pro+ version doesn't com with a built-in gimbal, will the output becomes shaky or not. I am waiting for the result. Thanks for your effort.

  • Hussain

I think, sometime the designer was forget to include a cheaper External card slot and a headphone jack port on the mobile...only this 2 reason most of the people are buying the normal another brand

Morsel, 19 Jun 2020If Huawei can sell their device @1400$ without stereo speak... moreVivo is better

Elthan John, 08 Jun 2020I am from London, UK. I'm now in Dongguan, China. Yesterday... moreIf Huawei can sell their device @1400$ without stereo speaker then why can't VIVO do it for less than half the money ?