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no memory card slot, no buy!
what if you root the phone after a year ? every time when you flash a new custom rom you have to use your desktop/laptop for flashing it via adb fastboot or flashing tool apk
it may not be possible to download the rom in internal memory and then flash it directly via twrp recovery by choosing the installation file (cusotm rom) from internal memory because before flashing the new rom you have to do a fatory reset of the phone which will wipe all your internet data -_-

also for the users who uses stock rom only, what if mobile faces some hardware/software issue, the data which i stored in internal memery will be lost.

it is sad that every other company is now eliminating memory card slots & Audio Jack Port too -_-

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2020No water proofing. Even on flagship. WOW!!! Bro its sd865, great camera for 630 euro. It just misses details...

  • Anonymous

No water proofing.

Even on flagship.


If you go to to preorder the plus version, you will find different specifications compared to the ones that are shown here. Firstly, there are two colours grey not blue which has a glass back and leather brown. Secondly, the camera setup should be 50MP, 32MP, 13MP and 13 MP. In addition, the battery should be 4350mah. Moreover, the thickness for the grey colour is 8.84mm and 9.48mm for the leather brown colour. Lastly, the weight for the grey colour should be 192.2g and 191.1g for the brown colour. Hopefully, GSMArena team will adjust the specifications of this phone.

Why vivo rarely use corning gorilla glass in their products?

  • Elthan John

I am from London, UK. I'm now in Dongguan, China. Yesterday I went to Vivo company and saw this handphone, which is Vivo x50, Vivo x50 pro and Vivo x50 pro+. All have no stereo speakers, only single bottom-firing speakers. It doesnโ€™t have stereo speaker like Vivo Iqoo Neo3 and Vivo Iqoo Z1. Vivo x50 pro and x50 pro+ camera is great and sound is great but no bass and quality for media and music because only one speaker at bottom. Damn and frustrated for Vivo Company make high spec for this mobile but no stereo speaker. Thatโ€™s shame.

Only 4K 30fps?!

Isco17, 05 Jun 2020S20 ultra from the back and oneplud 8 pro from the front ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ฅTrue

Not sure. Which of Xiaomi's device copied Samsung's own.

  • Hpsvxp

Vivo x50pro+ is super flop. No ip 68 water proof, poor average battery, no micro sd card slot, no stereo speaker.

  • Bulbul

Very upset sterio speaker missing

  • Zavic

Trash !!!!
It doesn't have 60 fps video recording , ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2020I disagree. Especially the 128GB version is just not enough... moreSlot SD vert helpful totality of users

Dennis.K, 06 Jun 2020Maybe if He said this versus a true rival (and no, not by n... moreYes, it's a true comparison now.

vivooneplusoppo4ever, 06 Jun 2020Answer to Anonymous: Nova 7 Pro 5G doesn't even have a 90 H... moreMaybe if He said this versus a true rival (and no, not by naming) the HONOR 30 Pro+, both at the same prixe range, offering TOTL specs and yes, no 90Hz missing

this vivo x50 proPlus specs looks interesting. A camera phone with latest chipset with price under 800 EUR.
I see every features I WANT available inside it.
I hope they sell it in my country

Minhas, 06 Jun 2020Vivo is Competing with Huawei & Samsung. Let's see... ... moreAnswer to Anonymous: Nova 7 Pro 5G doesn't even have a 90 Hz refresh rate display. Its 64 MP sensor isn't as big as this sensor and its camera setup is weaker. Also we didn't even have a real-life comparison between this phone and N7P. How did you reach this conclusion? Only thing it'll be surely better than this phone is its selfie camera.
Answer to Minhas: Let's wait and see. It still have a bunch of disadvantages but it does still have a chance.

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2020I disagree. Especially the 128GB version is just not enough... moreYou've 3 Options.... Not Only One.

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2020Umm I would say this phone is up there but it simply cannot... moreVivo is Competing with Huawei & Samsung. Let's see...
This is Beast.

Is this copying Samsung's design, like Xiaomi?