VK Mobile VK4500

VK Mobile VK4500

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  • AnonD-139961

i forget the passowrd of my phone how can i recover it ?? please help

  • Eddi

hello guys i love this phone but i cant get for VK 4500 charger please can u let me when can i get thanks.


hi pls from where i can bay battery with charge if any bade know pls let me know ...thanks

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • Anonymous

Very interesting dsign though i fall short on understanding why to buy it rather than a nokia...what about its quality

  • Anonymous

Great design! I must say I'm very surprised to see such innovative design, bravo. However I sincerely doubt the quality, also never heard of "VK" before, but nevertheless this should give example to the famous brand cloning factories at China to think again before cloning nokia's or i-phone's instead to be innovative and just design something good and new for change...

  • Anonymous

land jaisa hai mat lena


pretty phone.could not help but fall for it. however there is a aproblem.I cant connect to the internet.somebody send me the internet settings. Please

  • Anonymous

uj jkgnj

  • cozymale

this phone doesnt hv a speaker phone!.output from this earphone is very weak,may be u will have problem cause of the earphone.i try this in indonesia,the speed of gprs is very slow and suck!,when am try instaling java app/game by download from internet,none aplication can be instaled,very bad phone!but i like bout the design

sorry bout my english...:P

  • reviewer

Wow! This is the only other phone besides the Nokia N95 that has the inset slider mechanism (the upper half is "sunk into" the lower half of the phone). Phone Manufacturers should look into this. I'm sure they could develop a slimmer version of the Pantech 2-way slider.

  • Jessica

i couldnt connect to the internet on this phone either. did anyone find out the problem?

  • ekin

pretty phone.could not help but fall for it. however there is a aproblem.I cant connect to the internet.somebody send me the internet settings. Please.

  • shakendra

How do you get music to this phone

  • TZ

I washed my Motorola so I bought VK cuz it was cheap and look good! (only $100.00)
That was a big mistake!
It shows signal (bars) but you are talking to no one!hard to use!
Never want to try something new again!

  • Wakin

DO NOT buy VK!!!!
IT's the worst machine I've seen !
It has NOTHING but an unique face!
The worst machine from a pretty pretty company!

  • wihelmin

I've just bought this phone yesterday. I like the design of this phone. It is unique. My previous phone was V220 Motorola. And I think I would prefer the previous one than this phone for the speed. The features of vk4500 are complete enought to be smart a phone with low price. The camera is not too bad with resolution max 1280x960.
The video is not in 3gp format or mp4, so I could not open the file with the standard software in my computer. The battery survived only about 24 hours for the maximum use. And it is easy to be warmer when I used it in more than 2 minutes. The speaker is good, and the earphone also very good. When I was transmitting data to the computer by bluetooth, the speed was very slow. I must be patient. And the report, I still dont get the answer for that, the delivery report. The overal, I still like this phone for the design and the cheap price. only about 125USD in a nice pack box with accesories.

  • Anonymous

i,ve just bought the phone, well, looks nice to me (design - menu interface-speed access), but is it java compatible??, yes, it,s has java game, but i cannot intall any java applets, ex : opera mini. it tells me that the *.jar file not found on the provider. can some one tell me how to install java applications into this phone. htx

  • light

what the?? is this a fone or a toy?? if u people want slim and lightweght designs go for samsung with "jampack" features and if ever im gonna buy this ill give to my nanny it sooo cheap!!! what a backwarded fone this is, come to japan and korea and bring this fone people there will lough at you. ^.^

  • Nnamdi

Dear sir,

I am using Ur Vk4500 product and I found it very nice and very convinient to carry.

My VK 4500 developed problem of locking and also does not display information when switched on.

how can this be repaird also I would like you to improve on the battery of VK4500 to last longer.

My younger brother bought for me from abroad and I reside in Nigeria. Every one seems to admire my VK and were interested in buy but it can't be found in any Nigeria market.