VK Mobile VK4500

VK Mobile VK4500

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  • gka 3000

not a fan of vk mobile but i gotta tell u guys that this phones design is uniq among other phone models ... good luck vk mobile wtg ...

  • huh?

an odd design indeed. it's too bad we dont have VK here

  • Anonymous

the design is pure fenomenal

  • unknown

never thought vk would make a phone like this its alright for a person who doesnt use phone that much and 1.3 megapixel camera like samsung d500. its like d500 but a cheaper version....

  • martin bom bartin

wowzers this phone is ace, its odd that the ones they come up with by themselves are really good, youd think they didnt need to copy designs. :s

  • jerry

veri nais...ghet `im

  • jerry


  • Faisel

A samsung imposter, GETTIM!!!!

  • reeanon

This phone looks great but the other opinions are wrong to say about this slim
sexy mobile that was dear who could be so MEAN.

  • asdf

vvv sexi

  • Tech Geek

This looks like a great phone. I like the way VK are making their phones small and thin. It's a plus because other companies are forgetting about the fact that we carry a phone with us all day and it should be small! the features are not bad taking into consideration the size of the phone. So the FCC approved it - but when will it be sold in the United States?

  • Maria Hansen

OMG I hope this mobile will come to Denmark soon!!! I really think its a beauty. But where can I find some tests on it?!?

  • blakey


  • Steven

Wicked ass fone...jst want it to be available in places like switzerland!!! looks wicked but is the programming any good?? xxxx ima try nd order it soon...

  • RAMI

It is one of the best design among sliding phones, however, too bad it's not 3G & has no external memory...moreover, why don't they have distributors in The middle east or in Italy!! How can we see & test this mobile b4 purchasing it?

  • cristi

everything nice, thing it's a little awkward to type the "hole"

  • fredy vsv

Ya i guess vk mobile has the best design for a slider phone, the vk4500 which is slim n in which only the LCD portion is lifted. Might buy it.

  • Chetan

Well the styling is quite pleasing. Though the keypad profile reminds of a butterfly fluttering. Anyways, 16.9mm thickness is quite cool. Overall an impressive debut, but external memory could have taken it higher.

  • al.z

yeah, it looks really cool. it would certainly use a memory card slot and if the ergonomy is good and the price is right, then it's a terrific buy. i just hope VK brand mobiles would be more widely available.

  • Grecu

It's beautifull !!! Thank you VK MOBILE