VK Mobile VK4500

VK Mobile VK4500

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  • kafu

The phone has an original design no matter what pp say!!..too bad is not available everywhere like in Honduras! am willing to buy it!!

  • V K luv ya

the desing is really,really nice,it´s different and the cel has cool features to the people that want a cool cel with simple and good cel....

  • TC 14

no it is a D600 and a V3razer in one cool phone
i think that moto razer is ok and the D600
but this is so cool
vk has a few good phones now ceep it up VK

  • fonefanatik

What???.......no one moaning about it being a samsung d500/600 rip-off,god i'm impressed!

  • walid

in 1 word---WOWWW!!!

i have a feeling itz better than NOKIA 8800 in design

not sure abt its availability in DUBAI

But when it comes here.i'll buy it 4 sure

  • BART

its nice cell.. congragulations

  • kafu

this phone looks cool and original never seen that up sliding screen i will buy it if it is available in Mexico or Central America..though it is not very small...according to VKMOBILE press ad this phone will be available this month...but dont know where!!

  • hehehe

well i love the design haven seen anythinig like it!! sliding display..totally original a head turner! cool features...wen is this phone goin to be available in the Americas?

  • hehehe

i see this model and dont know what on it its not original has not seen anything like it before ..only sliding keypad phone but this dedsign s very original...up sliding display......AWESOME!!!

  • Sean

SI it just me or are VK ripping off a lot of other manufacturers styles VERY closely? nice phones but not ver original.

  • jason

yeah coz they changed the spec before when it was released it said 1 gig then they changed it to 100mb. i think it should atleast have a transflash/microsd card slot.

  • Wolverine

Jason, this phone has 100MB memory NOT 1GB. 1GB is 1000MB. But yeah, nice phone, 100MB aint too great but good for a phone this small. I like it!

  • hehehe

Finally vkMOBILE UNDERSTOOd what most people want...good memory, bluetooth and mpe....cant wait to see this phone in the Americas!!! i'll buy it!!

  • hehehe

Love design..not so many features..but it has mp3 !! and bluletooth meets all i want on a phone.

  • 121

its got bluetooth

  • Marc

too bad VK keeps forgetting Bluetooth, its looks very nice though

  • jason

wow one gig, nice!!!