VK Mobile VK570

VK Mobile VK570

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  • Zoey

it is the best fone in the whole world I love the diaminds it funks it up thanks vk you rock

  • darcey

The phones are really nice I love the pink one my friend siad there are no more in stok

  • Anonymous

this is the only phone that has driven me to throw it against a wall...nuff said

  • Anonymous

This phone is the worst phone i hav ever had. Within 2 months of buying it it had broken for the first time, it would not let me put in my phone password when i turned it on despite the fact it was still the 0000 code it originaly came with. so i took it to vodafone to be repaired and lost all my contacts,photos etc.After another couple of months it started turning off of its own accord so took it back a second time, and again lost everything on the phone. Then the back just dropped of and would not go back on again so took it back a third time. Then in the last month it has developed lines across the screen maing it very hard to read txts and i have not dropped it or anything like that,but i did not bother taking it into vodafone as i am planning on getting a new phone soon as,and in the past 2 days it wd nt let me type nething into the phone unlock, and when it eventually did ithe phone started scrolling through all the options on its own accord like somebody had taken over the phone n then it turned itself of an dhas kept doing that. All that in less then a year i would efinatly NOT buy this phone save your money it dosnt have any good features either the only good thing is the look of it!and i'm not exagerating.

  • clare

i got this phone last year and it broke within a couple of monnths. I didn't do anything to it, it jsut would not turn on. At first i thought it had no battery but that wasn;t the case. The phone looks great but it actually has nuthn. now i ahve the pink vk 200 which is so mcuh better! dont buy this phone they always break.

  • Anonymous

does this phone have bluetooth an can u put all the latest song on ? thanks ? x x

  • VK gal

i love the fone and to all u dat sed its rubbish n that well.. it ses what the camera n memory is like so u shud hav known and if u wanted a phone with blutooth and all those features then y did u get it. i got the phone last year at christmas and its still fine nothing has broken so wen people have put that they all break that isnt true t all of them maybe just theres, so it isnt a bad phone just not the one u wer looking for.... well maybe u shudnt have because please stop putting bad comments they are ace phones

  • Anonymous

Do not buy this phone! I got my first one and it broke a month later. I got another one of the same type and it broke again. It is a rubbish phone with no sound with the video recorder not enough memory space for pictures takes bad photographs and doesn't have bluetooth or any features. I would not buy this phone!

  • tinyfairy :P

try 0000 as a code maybe???

  • kat

how do you get your pics on external display !! grr please help!!

  • khant

i need help plesaes i locked my mates vk 570 by puttin the keypad lock on how can i undo this it is asking me for a password is there a standard password i can use thank you

  • sk8

it looks great but how do you put ur own pics on the external display!

  • aida

it looks cute,small femminine,but it kas some disadvantages:while creating a text message you have to choose one of the options to use capital letters or numbers and its a waste of time.nokia gets it all right.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone is briliant. I love this phone very much. It is a real phone for girl. It is the best of phone I ever have. I am good form all the time after I buy this phone. Well done VK. I love you!

  • Mel

Ok.... so its cute. My husband bought me this phone for Xmas. It was my choice of phone cos I loved the way it looked. He did try and talk me out of it getting it saying it wasn't up to much as a phone. BUT like I say its cute and I wanted it ! lol Anyway I have to admit that as a phone is not as hot as it looks... :(

First of all the phones network service is rubbish. Probably one of the worst ones I have known. Also you may think you are not bothered about your cute little phone not having bluetooth but you will be... Especially when you realise you are stuck with the naff tunes it comes with. The camera isn't that good compared to other phones, and as you know no sound on your video clips.

But the thing which is driving me nuts is how do I put my own pics onto the external display ?????? This was one of the other reasons I wanted this thing.If anyone here knows please could you enlighten me ?

Its the "diamonds" that do it.... you know us girls and our bling. Without that I reckon most of this phones would still be sat on the shelf lol


  • Anonymous

this is a cool phone get one

  • xpink and fluffyx

i want 2 buy this fone but i dont no if it is worth it and i was also wondering what network it is on can some1 plees help me xxxxx mwah xxxxx

  • Anonymous

this phone is a nightmare dont even buy one they are slow if u are thinking of getting a new phone DONT get one of these

  • Anonymous

Hi this is for Tasha- your speaker needs to be replaced- its still under warranty so its free and for the girl having hassle with the camera and aerial a quick fix is to re set the software or get it updated- you've got a bug in it

  • Nat

I bought it cos it was lilac and sparkly... enuff said really