Vodafone Smart Tab 10

Vodafone Smart Tab 10

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  • jade

im looking to find a keyboard? as this doesnt have a usb input i cant just purchase one online? does anyone know where I can get a keyboard that will fit into the 10 pin charger input???? as it says in the manual that there is usb amedded host supporting?

  • vaibhu

vkumar, 08 Oct 2012very beutiful look............wahso nice......

  • :)

Tharindu, 02 Nov 2012please note that most of the comments are not relevant to hands ... morefrom where did you buy it? is there a porblem with the switch on button?

  • anonymous

Only bought mine a month ago, camera and video sometimes works sometime not. Application stopped message. Has anyoneexperienced that?

  • Alan

I have lost the charger unit to my Smart Tab 10, can anybody please advice where I may buy a new one. thanks


lord k, 21 Nov 2012Can I make calls with my smart tab 7?Yes obviously you can it does uses a mini sim card isnt it if you look in the specifications.

  • lord k

Can I make calls with my smart tab 7?

  • wendy

How do I switch off the auto correct? Its driving my up da wall!!! Can I make phnecalls with it?! The sales lady at vodacom told me: if u r unhappi wif it, u will b unhappi 4 2 years... That should've been a red light to me!!! I HATE my tab... Y didn't I go 4 the laptop...

  • J

Gotta 've a real headache tablet when use this tab...

  • Tharindu

please note that most of the comments are not relevant to hands on experience, im from Sri Lanka and the way it works here is quite fine and can say that it is very much similar to Huawei 7 tab . very user friendly and fast

  • Law

I'm 19 and The Vodafone smart tab 10" is my first tab and the first day i had it, it froze. luckily the battery was almost dead but still. A week later it shut down and only booted up 3 hours later after i tried to turn it on again. The next day i updated the system software and after that its been fine, i only experienced slight lag and short freezing but nothing major. (I only prey it stays that way) the tab has great functionality and is "average" on the internet. Its heavy though and not as easy to carry around as the gorgeous galaxy tab! The battery on the other hand is brilliant! And lasts the entire day with full on use. The tab has recently been discontinued and i think it might be due to all the trouble with the software... still i love my Vodafone smart tab and it brings me great joy. One more thing, can anyone tell me if its possible to make and receive voice calls on this tab? And if so how...?

  • Anonymous

prmdnidhi, 24 Oct 2012is its performance good or badgud

  • prmdnidhi

how much cost in US

  • prmdnidhi

is its performance good or bad

  • Lalllas

Got mine from the Vodacom Store South Africa two months ago. One thing it comes with a free neopreen sleeve and cannot find cheap cases around at all. Vodacom store ask a 6th of the item price for the original case. Rediculous. This is one heavier devices compared to the Galaxy and other to hold around and be mobile can give you some muscle cramps because of its steel edge casing. Boring android app. but has speed and fast internet connections in my area. Downloaded quite a few apps and uninstalled quite a few too from the STORE. Otherwise I am more on my BlackBerry than my clever brick I am stuck with 24 mounth contract.

  • highwayliam

Jurie, 26 Aug 2012I had my tablet now for about 3 months, from the beginning it ju... moreYep - I have mine about 2 months, really only use it for the internet radio app, if I look at it, it re-boots. I have a Galaxy S3, much more reliable. Its a pity it keeps rebooting because otherwise I really like like. However it is too unreliable for my work.

  • vkumar

very beutiful look............wah

  • JJ84

When comparing the tablets on paper and price, the Vodafone wins hands down. Ive had mine for 8 months and I am now on number 2. The first one just refused to swich on and now with the second one, I can you tube a bit before it shuts down and my internet is no longer working. I am so sick of it that I use it as a paper weight.

  • simi

ledu, 09 Sep 2012After 8 months of using this device, I can only say, very satisf... moresexy look this tablet

  • ledu

After 8 months of using this device, I can only say, very satisfied!
Rooting this device and flashing custom rom is hole new experience !
Low-cost device , but great hardware !