Weekly poll: What were the best phones to come out at IFA 2019

Peter, 08 September 2019

IFA 2019 saw several major reveals - you can read our recap of the new phones that were announced if you were too busy to follow along with each event. What do you think - was it more exciting than last year? Here's the 2018 recap if you need a reminder.

And more importantly - which is your favorite phone? That's the theme of this week's poll. To keep things fair, we've split things into flagships and mid-rangers. Let's start with the flagships. We'll link to our hands-on reviews and videos if you need more info on each phone.

Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL Sony Xperia 5 LG G8X ThinQ Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
Asus ROG Phone II ZS660KL • Sony Xperia 5 • LG G8X ThinQ • Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

So, what's it going to be? The Asus ROG Phone II may just be the ultimate gaming phone (hands-on, video). Or the best compact flagship, the Sony Xperia 5 (hands-on). The LG G8X ThinQ (hands-on) shares some common ground with the ROG Phone - both have accessories that add a second screen. 5G is gaining popularity and all of these are 4G only, so why not the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G (hands-on)?

IFA 2019: Best new flagship
Sony Xperia 5
Asus ROG Phone II
LG G8X ThinQ
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

And now, the mid-rangers.

Nokia 7.2 Motorola One Zoom alcatel TCL Plex
Nokia 7.2 • Motorola One Zoom • alcatel TCL Plex

The 48MP camera on the Nokia 7.2 (hands-on, video) has more pixels than the 808 PureView had - the wonders of the progress of technology. But it doesn't have a telephoto camera like the Motorola One Zoom (hands-on, video. The TCL Plex has a 48MP camera like the other two, this is the first time TCL has felt confident enough to show off a phone under its own brand (normally it uses the alcatel brand).

IFA 2019: best new mid-ranger
Nokia 7.2
Motorola One Zoom


Reader comments

Probably both. If you're not going to have new features, price it lower. If you're going to charge a premium, make everything about the phone premium

I would say the problem is that there are much better offers at a lower price.

My Xperia 1, which is among the tallest phones I've had is way easier to have in my pocket than a 5,5 inch 16:9 phone thanks to it's narrowness, the 16:9 phone being larger (and less long). For one handed use, the 5 is not the best, but it's cer...

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