Weekly poll: did the Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10 or S10e live up to your expectations?

Peter, 10 March 2019

So, what do you guys think - are the new Galaxy S10 flagships everything you wanted? Their Dynamic AMOLED screens are the best that DisplayMate has tested, the S10+ rear camera is tied for first and the selfie camera is first on DxO's chart.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the fully-loaded model. It has the largest screen of the LTE trio, 6.4", and the largest battery by some distance - 4,100mAh compared to S10's 3,400mAh. You'll need that capacity if you're going to share it with your wearables.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 buys you the same excellent rear camera - the triple wide/ultra-wide/telephoto shooter with dual OIS and dual aperture. You do lose the depth sensor on the front camera, but it still turns in excellent selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10e
Samsung Galaxy S10+ • Samsung Galaxy S10 • Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is a callback to years past when screens were flat and flagships cost $700 or so. The phone is more compact too, but it has almost all the awesome features of the other two - the powerful chipset and fast wireless charging certainly, though it's missing a telephoto camera.

If you haven't made up your mind about the S10 phones, we'd direct you to our Galaxy S10+ review and our Galaxy S10 review, don't forget the video review too.

These three are available in 70 countries as of today and will expand to 130 countries by the end of the month. Have you pre-ordered already or made plans to buy one of these and if so which one?

Which Galaxy S10 will you get?
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10e


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Mar 2019
  • kud

You can make the selfie cam go away, in settings.

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Mar 2019
  • I8m

You can definitely easily get more than that. And wow. A 5 inch lower res dimmer screen that only has 100mah less battery vs a 5.8 inch higher res brighter one can get a little better on screen time possibl???? Is that even physically possible? Y...

  • Anonymous
  • 13 Mar 2019
  • X$t

Great news! Now go to the S9 battery life thread on XDA and tell all those guys with 4-5 hours SOT that they actually have 6-8. Oh and please go to a similar thread for XZ2C and convince the guys who have both Xperia and S8/S9 that they are wrong abo...

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