Weekly poll results: OnePlus 3T met with mixed emotions

Peter, 27 November 2016

The OnePlus 3T is proving controversial - it split our voters evenly… well, actually 51/49 against. So, what happened?

People are questing the true size of the upgrade. Some say they don’t use the selfie camera and would have preferred an upgrade for the main camera instead. Others wonder if the new selfie cam will handle low-light shots okay with its 1µm pixels (the old one was 1.4µm).

We didn’t see people complain about the bump in battery capacity, but then there’s the chipset - the Snapdragon 821 is great and all, but not much of an upgrade over the S820. In fact, this was a common theme in the comments - the OnePlus 3T is not an upgrade for current OnePlus 3 owners.

And ones that didn’t get the 3 (perhaps, holding off to see the 3T go official) now don’t have a choice - they have to shell out $40/€40/£30 more for much of the same hardware. And that’s less appealing when you know the OnePlus 4 is only half a year away. And that the ROM community had a pretty negative reaction to the 3T (software updates and custom ROMs are a big reason for many people to go OnePlus).

On a related note, The ZTE Axon 7 is currently $350 in the US.


Reader comments

  • FR
  • 28 Nov 2016
  • fCS

It is strange that some people are not happy with this upgrade. I mean here we have a company who wants to make the latest tech avaiable to everybody as soon as they can and still people are unhappy ?! It is obvious that the 3T is not a upgra...

You've said it all. Thank you

  • AnonD-512552
  • 28 Nov 2016
  • IYf

I don't get why people are getting passed over this, if samsung release a new note, it is never meant for the current s users to upgrade. For 40 bucks, you are getting the better chipset, better selfish camera, bigger battery and faster storage. It i...

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