WhatsApp starts rolling out Message Yourself feature

Prasad, 28 November 2022

WhatsApp is now rolling out its Message Yourself feature for users on iOS and Android. The feature was initially part of a beta trial that is now being made available to everyone.

WhatsApp starts rolling out Message Yourself feature

Message Yourself is a feature that lets you, in a sense, message yourself. It's a chat that is only visible and accessible to you and you can post there as you would in any other chat. This can be used to write important notes to yourself, saving web links, or uploading documents and voice notes.

This feature has been available on other platforms, notably Telegram, which has had it since launch. WhatsApp only publicly started testing this feature back in October. Some users have managed to work around its absence in the past by creating a group and then removing other members to essentially create a private chat for yourself.

The feature was unavailable for testing at the time of writing but should be available over the coming weeks.



Reader comments

  • Abhishek
  • 07 Dec 2022
  • rKw

I have been doing this for years on iPhone. Simply Save your own number with your name in the contacts and start sending messages to yourself. I send extremely important messages/docs/pics to myself. And make sure i never delete my own chat.

There is already an app called Antar ( it's about talking through personas ) (Sorry if it doesn't help... but yeah... people with MPD get bored of chatting with themselves soon ..)

Cool to see. Discord essentially affords this same feature if you create a private chat room. From there you can make any number of sub-chat rooms to keep things organized.

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