Windows won't get Apple's new Music, Podcasts and TV

Ivan, 04 June 2019

Yesterday Apple unveiled its new iOS 13 and alongside it, macOS Catalina. Those brings a lot of improvements and finally the end of iTunes as we know it. The old app has been dissolved into three new ones - Music, Podcasts and TV - on the Mac.

On Windows, iTunes will live on, seemingly unchanged, for the foreseeable future. The news was delivered by Apple to Billboard editor Micah Singleton.

This means that iPhone users on Windows will need to live with the old app in order to access Apple Music, their apps and backups. There's no word on if and when Apple will release Music, Podcasts and TV on Windows.

That doesn't really come as a surprise. Apple is well known for keeping its services close to the chest, with Apple Music being one of the few exceptions - it's available both on Windows (from the now-old iTunes app) and on Android (through a jerky, work-in-progress app).


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  • actually smart

just a thought....Maybe you should give up the subpar phone and live not trying to impress or please others for the sake of a green bubble....leave the dark side...IJS

  • Anonymous

Hi is piracy? You have no idea what you are talking about! iTunes is 18+ years old!!! it was a digital library where people would actually buy their music instead of using the limewire or torrents. No spotify and Apple Music allow artists to b...

  • *aijphoney