WND Wind DUO 2300

WND Wind DUO 2300

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  • Anonymous

DUO 2200

  • mark_11

where can i buy this phone?to people who uses two lines like me this is very handy coz I only have to carry one handset not like this two phones that making my pants down because of the weight in my pockets.hehehe...but seriously speaking is this phone already available in all parts of the globe?thanks

  • Anonymous

Another gr8 phone from WND

  • Anonymous

That’s an unbelievable phone, I got the less expensive version Duo 22200 from Italy. I have tried other better known brands of Dual SIM cards handsets but non can match this one. The two faces design is ideal for controlling two SIM cards. What is even nicer is that you can activate two calls at the same time making a kind of conference call with two SIMs!!

  • Anonymous

To the below post, that's a very simple scenario, you simply get an 'incoming call on 2nd SIM' message and a very short vibration. I have been using the Wind Duo2200 for few months now and I love it.

  • Anonymous

can't imagine if there are 2 incoming calls at the same time.

  • Anonymous

When I'm in Italy, I go onto a network called WIND, and even though there names are diffrent, are they not the same company???

Can someone tell me, because if the anwser is yes I want to get one.

Thank's in advance!

  • SialPukimaBabiPunyaP

two faceS???
thats so ugly u know!
whats da need of having two faces??
should just buy da ordinary one with dual sim built in~
not having two faced phone!
this is so stupid, using this phone makes people look stupid!! oh gosh, talk about da price!
better buy k550i, n w610i, there, both sony cybershot n walkman series, for both yur phone!! more brilliant then this stupid handphone!!!

  • WND

looks like WND will reign the industry itself. very unique.. and has so many advantages. very interesting to buy that kind of phone. but needs to beautify the colors to be attractive...

  • tony

Where's the Camera?

  • J

Freaking brilliant...i want one

  • Anonymous

I'm using the duo2200: Two interfaces for two SIMs. Very practical and convenient way to distinguish between the two SIM cards. Unlike other dualSIM mobiles the two SIMs on this unit are fully functional and can receive two calls at the same time. Call register & phonebook can be shared or handled separately.

  • lola

whats the point of 2 faces????

  • r 0 c k

very good phone

  • kidnapist

i think this device would be a plus if were introduced to the caribbean cauuse most of us here carry 2 handsets,in addition if it were in red-white n some other bright colours to attrack buyers.

  • Anonymous

i am really glad that gsmarena finally posted these phones. i actually like the design and they have great potential but they need to be quadband. in this age of globalization, i think its stupid to even still make triband phones. and just add a few more features including a better camera and i am so getting this.

  • Henrique

Yeap! This should be the best on dual SIM mobiles. As said before, 2200 costs $500. It would help to have an idea of the price of the 2300 and if anyone knows a review about dual SIMs, I think it'd be appreciated,

  • Alx

I dont get it. whats the need of having both sides? it has two cameras too =O

  • r0ck

this is a very nice handset!

  • Anonymous

Great that GSM Arena now brings information about WND phones! Dual-SIM mobile market is booming, and we need more information about it.